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HCCE Resources


HCCE Permit:

A HCCE Permit is a document that has been approved by the state of Florida Department Of Business And Professional Regulation. A permit is mainly used for those who order prescription drugs, controlled substances, and professional use items under the name of NSU. A permit is only used if the items being ordered are for clinical/human use. Only those who are licensed practitioners and have a medical license are eligible for a permit. To obtain a permit, please watch the video in the FAQ section below and complete the online form


HCCE Exemption:

A HCCE Exemption is a letter that has been signed and approved by Florida Department Of Business And Professional Regulation. Those who have applied for an exemption will receive a letter facilitating the lawful possession of prescription drugs, items, and medical gases. An exemption letter is only used for research, teaching, and testing purposes.  To obtain an exemption, please review the video in the FAQ section below, and then complete the online form. 


NSU Health Care Clinic Establishment Policy: CLICK HERE!

Florida Department of Business and Regulation (DBPR) HCCE FAQ: CLICK HERE!

Submit a request for a permit or exemption:

For questions regarding HCCE permits, exemptions or about the NSU HCCE Policy, please email:

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