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Safety Practices for Classes & the Learning Environment

The 2020-2021 academic year will require a significant amount of flexibility so that NSU can continue to offer its usual array of in-person, fully online, and hybrid (part online-part in-person) programs at all of our campus locations. At the same time, we must have special provisions in place to accommodate the pandemic conditions of today—while also having ready contingency plans should conditions change. We will accomplish this while delivering to our students a quality educational, research, and clinical experience that provides for their successful graduation and prepares them for their chosen careers.

Our fully online courses continue as always this fall, as do most of our hybrid programs. However, with the plan to resume in-person classes, labs, research, and clinical programs this fall, a number of provisions have been put in place to address the health and safety of the NSU community, following federal, state, and local public health guidelines.

Specifics for each course or setting will vary, and you will hear more from your college about in-person program specifics or exceptions. Below are some of the practices you will see in place.

In-Person Classes

NSU is planning to use the BlendFlex model for the majority of its course offerings. This model simultaneously offers face-to-face and online delivery of instruction. NSU BlendFlex courses include a portion of the students attending in a traditional classroom setting, while the remaining students attending from a remote location using videoconferencing type technologies, including Zoom, as well as Canvas. There may be certain programs that do not lend themselves to the BlendFlex model, including courses requiring experiential learning, such as those containing laboratory and clinical components. Students should consult directly with their programs for further information regarding their course delivery model.

Labs, Clinicals & Experiential Learning

Our professors and deans remind us that some lab and clinical experiences cannot be adequately conducted remotely. Research courses may also require some special arrangements. If your schedule this fall includes such activities, you will receive word from your college or adviser with guidelines for these program elements. Also, you can access a specific guide for research activities at

Many of our first-year students tell us how memorable and valuable their First-Year-Experience, Early Immersions, and UNIV1000 classes were for them when they first came to NSU. For this fall, the ExEL (Experiential Education and Learning) team is working with NSU faculty, staff, and partners to provide our freshmen with the advantages of a “deep dive” into a subject area or career path while still operating with safety provisions for physical distancing. Some activities will be offered through creative and engaging digital or virtual connections, but others will still be done in a smaller and managed in-person setting.

Maintaining physical distancing will be essential in all classrooms and learning environments, so professors may use in-person plus remote alternating schedules, additional section offerings or other techniques to deliver productive learning within appropriate safety provisions. Check Canvas as early as Monday, August 10 for your registered classes to see updates and details on how your professor will be managing your syllabus, coursework, and classroom arrangements this fall.

Updates for Full-Time, Traditional, In-Person Undergraduate Courses this Fall

  • All first class meetings will be delivered online using NSU’s Zoom platform so that professors and attending students can review COVID-19 safety protocols and special arrangements to ensure that all in-person participants can maintain physical distancing and to review the organization for the class under this special conditions.
  • For all full-time, traditional, in-person undergraduate courses (see below for exceptions), the last in-person class meeting in fall semester/term will be held on Friday, November 20. All subsequent class meetings will be delivered remotely using NSU’s Zoom platform. This will enable these students the flexibility to travel for the Thanksgiving break without being required to return to campus for the remainder of the semester/term. Classes will continue, but fully online.
  • The following bachelor’s degree programs will not go online after November 20, but will continue to be held in-person to meet course and licensing requirements: Accelerated BSN in Ft. Myers; BSN in Davie/Fort Lauderdale, Miami/Kendall and Ft. Myers; Cardiovascular Sonography in Tampa; Medical Sonography in Davie/Fort Lauderdale; Respiratory Therapy in Palm Beach.
  • Check Canvas as early as Monday, August 10 for special instructions about fall classes.

Room Sharks

To assist faculty and students with instructional classes, NSU is introducing Room Sharks. These Federal Work Study students will support faculty with in-person plus remote classroom set-ups. If you are interested in becoming a Room Shark this fall, please contact Cortney Stein at (954) 262-7902 or

Library & Study Services

The NSU Libraries will be open for walk-in access following the building capacity limits imposed by the University. Circulation and research assistance services will be available; however, study room access will be limited.

For students at regional campus locations, you can reserve study rooms through the regional campus administrative office.

covid-on-campus.jpgAcademic & Career Support Services

Academic Advising and Career Development services are available to students via phone, Zoom, or in-person meetings during University business hours. In-person meetings will be conducted in alignment with University guidelines and will take into account the safety of both students and staff.

All walk-in/drop-in meetings (no appointment required) for academic and career advising will be held virtually. To meet with an adviser for a walk-in/drop-in meeting, call (954) 262-7201 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m.

Recruiting Events

On-campus recruiting events will be held virtually. Fall 2020 Recruit a Shark Virtual Career Expo will be held Monday, September 14-Friday, September 18 and will feature industry-specific career fairs. All recruiting events can be found on Handshake. For more information regarding internships, please contact (954) 262-7201.

You can get the most up-to-date information about how to connect with Academic Advising and Career Development on the following websites:

Student Meetings

Whether for work functions or as part of your student organization’s activities, it is the university’s expectation that group gatherings will be limited and must be properly managed to ensure physical distancing and adherence to all other safety guidelines. Check with the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement to help you plan and manage your own student group meetings appropriately.

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