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Safety Practices for Campus Life, Student Activities & Conveniences


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Bookstore & Retail

The campus bookstore is committed to protecting the health and wellness of our students, faculty, staff, as well as its employees. In preparation for students returning to campus this fall, we will provide additional options for students to obtain course materials in a convenient and safer way.
  1. Ship to Home
  2. On-campus delivery*
  3. Curbside pick up*
  4. In-store pick up

*Pending implementation – all available options will be posted online

We are also implementing the same CDC-recommended precautions for visitors as NSU is doing campus-wide to keep everyone safer, including enhanced cleaning, mandatory face coverings, and physical distancing.

covid-campus-life.jpgCampus Life, Events & Programs

Student Engagement is imperative in creating a sense of community and belonging, and for nurturing our incoming and returning students. Campus Life and Student Engagement is finding creative but safer ways to provide you with fun and engaging choices during this unprecedented time.

Some traditional large group events and celebrations such as Welcome Week events may have to be modified or held in multiple locations. CDC and Florida guidelines on large gatherings continue to change so plans are still fluid but we anticipate including some new approaches in the mix of campus events such as a hybrid of shared online and ground-based events, a “do-it-yourself” event where multiple participants gather supplies and then engage in activities “together” but spaced out and/or using digital platforms to form a community and group entertainment experience.

Off-Campus Events such as community service activities, entertainment trips, Fins Football, etc., have been affected by the State of Florida’s cessation of group function transportation at this time. Fins Football at the Hard Rock Stadium has been cancelled for this fall but, NSU will arrange on-campus watch party experiences at the Flight Deck for high-profile Dolphins games this season subject to physical distancing requirements.

Student Room Reservations will be more limited this year and must be managed to maintain physical distancing but the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement will assist you in reserving appropriate spaces for your meetings and small group events. Again, combining the use of digital platforms to connect can also support your successful meetings and activities.

Dining & Meal Plans

SharkDining is modifying the dining program, food offerings, service models, and spaces to promote a safer, healthy, and delicious experience this fall. Some new arrangements include:

  • Online/app ordering (using GET APP) for delivery and pick-up across many of our campus dining locations; SharkDining will offer full meal restaurant-style options at each location with measures to avoid crowding;
  • Expanded Grab-N-Go and shelf-stable meals will be available; you will be able to order all your favorites online using your SharkCard with convenient on-campus delivery and pick-up options, including delivery to your residence hall room.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures at all locations;
  • Plexiglass separation between cashier and customer;
  • Contactless payment options with SharkCard and cashless operations;
  • Inside and outdoor eating areas providing for appropriate physical distancing;
  • Modified catering programs offering a new drop off and contactless delivery service;
  • Use E-commerce Shop on campus ( for all your convenience items and on-campus delivery.

Intramural & Club Sports

Under current guidelines, intramural sports will need to transition to individual, non-contact activities that will lend themselves to wearing face coverings and physical distancing guidelines, both of which are requirements for all NSU facilities and spaces. Exact activities and dates will become available prior to the start of the fall semester.

Club Sport activities will be assessed per sport and will need to be able to conform to all requirements of physical distancing and face coverings. Club Sport executive board members will be contacted to discuss all available options.

Student Housing & Residence Life

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Residential Life and Housing has to modify the residential experience for the protection, safety, and health of the residential community. These provisions will include compliance with NSU requirements for maintaining physical distancing and use of face coverings as well as:

  • limitations or conditions for use of common areas in residence halls
  • limitations or conditions for residence hall gatherings
  • limited or restricted ability to have off-campus visitors enter your residence unit

Additionally, should any residential student need to self-isolate or self-quarantine, you must comply with all federal, state, local, and NSU directives including observing proper CDC guidelines for isolation or quarantine; participating in all contact tracing efforts conducted by public health officials; and could include relocating you to a separate building or unit for the purpose of proper quarantine/isolation, to receive medical care, or for other health or safety reasons.

We know that, for many of our students, this is your home away from home. You’ve experienced home life under pandemic conditions and we are here to support you as an NSU on-campus resident, also living under today’s pandemic conditions. University leadership is committed to supporting a safer and healthy living environment. Residential students are the key to maintaining a healthy community through personal efforts to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

For more information as it pertains to living on campus this year please review the Office of Residential Life and Housing Residential Living Guide at

Recreation & Wellness

NSU’s RecPlex in the Don Taft University Center (Davie/ Fort Lauderdale campus) anticipates opening and being operational for the start of the fall semester/term to serve our on-campus students, faculty, staff, and members. Certain locations may be open or closed based on current recommendations from federal, state, and local public health experts. As of this time (June/July 2020), hours of operation are significantly reduced and will gradually increase as the adopted cleaning and safety measures are confirmed. Occupancy limits will be evaluated the closer we are to reopening in August.

Patrons must wear face coverings upon entry into the RecPlex and should be worn when not engaging in actual exercise or exercise recovery. Entry will be limited to one turnstile going in and one for exit. Floor markers will be in place to assist with traffic flow and physical distancing. Patrons should maintain physical distancing even on the staircases. The front desk will be staffed by one person at a time and all payments will be by credit card only, preferably through touchless payment options. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own water. The RecPlex has a finite number of contactless water bottle refilling stations.

Saunas and showers will be closed per Broward County guidelines. Restrooms and locker areas will be available and physical distancing requirements will be enforced. All equipment in the fitness center will be rearranged to provide for 10-foot minimum spacing. As a result, some equipment may be marked as unavailable. Also, some equipment may be relocated to the basketball court area to allow for physical distance and create greater accessibility. You must always clean each machine after use using the provided sanitizing wipes available.

Group exercise classes will be offered on a limited schedule and will be located on one of the basketball courts to promote physical distancing and to allow for maximum participation. Group class patrons must bring and use their own water bottles, hand sanitizer, and towels to minimize sweat contamination. Due to limited class space, as well as to promote physical distancing, patrons will be required to sign-up for group exercise classes in advance. More information on that process will be forthcoming.

Equipment checkout will be limited or suspended to avoid sharing of high-touch sports equipment. Racquetball and tennis will be permitted but limited to two players only and you must bring your own balls and equipment. Group pick-up games on indoor and outdoor basketball courts is prohibited as physical distancing cannot be maintained. Organized, spaced out “shoot-arounds” will be allowed by a maximum of four persons per basket and players must bring their own basketballs.

At this time the university’s plan is that the leisure pool will remain open as medical and aquatic experts confirm that there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted through the water in pools that are properly treated (chlorine and pH). Pool furniture will be removed.

The same protocols for RecPlex will apply to all regional campus fitness areas. Equipment will be spaced out to promote physical distancing and cleaning supplies provided as per normal.


NSU vehicles (including golf carts) are limited to two simultaneous occupants. Golf cart occupants, whether one or two, must wear face coverings. If two occupants are in a street vehicle, then both are required to wear a face covering.

Public Transportation/NSU Transit

If you must take public transportation or use the NSU shuttle, wear a face covering, keep it on for the duration of the transport, and avoid touching surfaces with your hands. Maximum one person per row, ten riders per shuttle. Upon disembarking, wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as soon as you can.


For NSU students, faculty, and staff, non-essential travel is currently prohibited. During the pandemic timeframe, NSU students, faculty, and staff may continue to travel between NSU locations, as needed. Students or student organizations interested in any off-campus travel for conferences or other activities must contact Dr. Michelle Manley, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for approval (

Study Abroad/Travel Study Programs

All study abroad and travel study programs have been cancelled for Fall 2020. The Office of International Affairs, in cooperation with the Office of Risk Management, will continue to monitor travel advisories and individual country conditions from the U.S. Department of State and our study abroad partner organizations and universities regarding the feasibility of Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 programs. Please contact the Office of International Affairs at or (954) 262-7240 for additional information.

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