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COVID-19 Resources for Faculty and Staff

In charting a path forward amid the ever-changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is committed to providing students, faculty, staff, and our community with an environment where scholarship, research, leadership, creative expression, and career preparation can continue to thrive.

Want Nova Southeastern University’s COVID-19 information at your fingertips?

iSharkMobile, the online mobile device portal for Nova Southeastern University’s community, now provides new enhancements to give users quick access to important COVID-19 information. Among the features available on this phone app are the Return of the Sharks safety guidelines, the ability to give yourself a health assessment before returning to campus or going to class, details about face coverings, and forms to report if you have COVID-19. Download the app at:



COVID-19 Resources

For university resources and tips for managing COVID-19: Explore the Coronavirus Information Hub

University Resources

  • COVID-19 Self-Report Forms
  • Return to work certification and HR guidance
  • NSU Clinics Information
  • Zoom Support Resources
  • Return of the Sharks to Campus Information
  • Additional Student, Employee, and Parent Resources

Managing COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Prevention Tips
  • COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Travel Advisory
  • Self-Isolation
  • Coping with Stress
  • COVID-19 Support Fund for Students


If you feel ill, please stay home or in your resident hall room, do not come to any NSU campus or building. Follow CDC guidelines, take care of yourself, and notify the COVID-19 case manager. To self-report positive COVID-19 results, email the COVID-19 case manager or report via the iShark mobile App.

Self-Report Forms

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