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There are commonly asked questions when creating or rebranding your social initiatives. Please see the following social network help centers.

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Social Networks are the chosen platform for much of the world's communication. At Nova Southeastern University (NSU), we believe we should listen and engage where it will be most effective. It's important that NSU create a consistent brand across all social media networks. Therefore, we've developed the NSU Social Best Practices information center.

Here you will find all the materials you need to brand the following social networks:

Before You Get Started

Before starting a social media presence, ask yourself the following questions:

Keep In Mind

The web is not anonymous. Everything written or posted on behalf of NSU can be traced back to a specific individual. Before launching a social networking site:

Use the following Social Media standards to create a consistent look for your department, college or organization across the social media sites.

Market Your Presence!

Responding to Your Audience

Once you have constructed a vibrant community of friends, followers and fans, it's time to keep the momentum going.

On Facebook, post relevant content once or twice a day. Respond to posts and replies within 24 hours.

With Twitter, it's important to respond to tweets-especially @mentions to you specifically, as they could be something important or time sensitive. More importantly, if someone asks you a question and they do not get a response, it could reflect poorly on your account, as other followers might want to know the same information. Also, be courteous and thank anyone who RTs (Retweets) your original post.

On YouTube, monitor your channel and reply to comments and feedback.

Ongoing Engagement Best Practices



Font Usage

The fonts that you should have loaded on your personal computer are the following:

Web Colors

The internet uses HEX colors to specify the colors to display (similar to CMYK for print, or RGB for computer displays). Here is a list of approved web colors in the NSU palette:

RGB 0,0,128

Twitter Colors

Text: hex color: 000000
Links: hex color: 097ed8
Sidebar: hex color: cccccc
Sidebar Border: hex color: 777777

YouTube Colors

Font: Arial
Background Hex Color: ‪#1924b2
Wrapper Hex Color: ‪#e6e6e6
Wrapper text Hex Color: ‪#666666
Wrapper link Hex Color: ‪#03C
Wrapper transparency 50%

Profile Image

It's important to use the same image on all three platforms; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, for consistency and easier recognition by your fan base. Once you have built your custom image, apply the same profile image to all three networks. Email Social Media to have a profile photo or logo created.


Select an image that shows your group as being active, interesting and seeking growth.

Please make sure that you own or have authorization for the usage of the photos that you select.

If you need any assistance creating your profiles, email Social Media.