IRB Forms and Helpful Information

Note: Forms are available in Microsoft Word format, so they can be downloaded, completed, saved and printed as necessary.

Submission Forms

NSU IRB Online Protocol Submission System

The Nova Southeastern University Institutional Review Board has launched an electronic submission system using IRBManager™. This new electronic submission system allows for a more efficient method to submit, review, and approve protocols.

Creating an IRBManager Account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter Username: newuser
  3. Enter Password: newuser
  4. Enter Client: Nova
  5. Select username, you should use your email address (except the component). For researchers without an NSU email (i.e. a non-NSU student, staff, or faculty), please use an email account for professional correspondence
  6. For further information about the new protocol submission form, see “Tips for Completing the Submission Form for Initial Review”

Initial Review


Continuing Review

Closing Report

Informed Consent

Consent and Assent Forms

Note: For adult and parent consent forms the IRB is providing two versions for each form. You may select which version you would like to use. The bold title containing a version number at the top of each model and template is intended to provide information as to the nature of the form. The actual form you create should NOT contain the bolded title and should begin with either “Consent Form for Participation. . .” or “Assent Form for Participation. . ” Letterhead: Principal investigators should contact their center/college representative to receive letterhead for the consent and assent forms. A list of center/college representatives is available here (

Participation Letter

Translation Verification

Site Approval Letter

Translation Services

Unanticipated Problem and Adverse Event Reporting