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Waiver Information

In order to be eligible to opt-out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan, your insurance must meet the criteria listed below:

  1. The claims administrator of your insurance plan must be based in the United States with a U.S. telephone number and address for submission of claims. 
  2. The policy is not a traveling policy.
  3. The plan provides both emergency and non-emergency health care and mental health benefits within your local NSU campus area.
  4. The plan provides inpatient and outpatient mental health care and chemical dependency benefits comparable to the coverage provided by the NSU Student Insurance Plan.
  5. The plan provides coverage for prescription medication.
  6. The lifetime benefit is unlimited.

Out-of-state Medicaid, state children's health insurance plans, HMOs, and Kaiser Permanente plans may not cover non-emergency care in this area. If this is the case, you will not qualify for a waiver. Please contact your medical insurance carrier to confirm that your insurance covers non-emergency care and that you have a deductible small enough to allow you to afford your portion of the bill.

Complete the online waiver

In order to access the online waiver, you must be registered for the academic year for which you are seeking to waive coverage. Please note the waiver can only be completed online. 

NSU Programs Requiring Students to Carry Health Insurance Deadline Summer Semester/Term Deadline Fall Semester/Term
Anesthesiology Assistant (M.S.) July 1 N/A
Audiology (AUD) N/A September 1
Athletic Training (B.S.) N/A September 1
Biomedical Science (M.B.S.) N/A September 1
Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) N/A September 1
International Program for Dental Graduates (D.M.D.) July 1 N/A
Postdoctoral Dental Programs August 1 September 1
Exercise and Sports Science (B.S.) N/A September 1
Law Full-time Day Program (J.D.) N/A September 1
Nursing (B.S.N.) - Entry N/A September 1
Occupational Therapy (O.T.D., M.O.T.) July 1 N/A
Optometry (O.D.) N/A September 1
Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) N/A September 1
Pharmacy (Pharm.D., Ph.D.) N/A September 1
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) - Entry July 1 N/A
Physician Assistant (M.M.S., Concurrent M.M.S and M.P.H.) July 1 N/A
Public Health (M.P.H) N/A September 1
Residential Students (all levels and programs) N/A September 1
Respiratory Therapy First-Professional Program (B.S.) N/A September 1
Sonography (B.S., Concurrent B.S., and M.H.S.C.) Cardiovascular and Medical July 1 N/A
Speech-Language and Communication Disorders (B.S.) N/A September 1
Speech-Language Pathology (M.S., SLP.D.) July 1 September 1
Undergraduate (Traditional Day Students) N/A September 1
The waiver deadline for the Winter semester/term for all programs is February 1.

If you are insured under another insurance plan, you must opt out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year by the given waiver deadline for your program. The effective dates for coverage under the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan will coincide with the academic year, not the calendar year. To help prevent unwanted charges, the Student Health Insurance department continuously sends waiver reminders to students’ student email until the charge has been removed. 

If your waiver has been denied, and you believe that your insurance coverage meets the above waiver requirements, you may only submit a request to appeal by emailing Be sure to include your name, NSU ID number (N number), and NSU student email before your program’s deadline date. You must fulfill any instructions that follow within a 72 hour timeframe. If instructions are not followed and your program’s deadline date has passed, your waiver will remain denied.  

If you wish to enroll in the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan after a waiver has been approved, you may do so within 30 days of experiencing a qualifying life event (i.e., involuntary loss of coverage) within your academic year. Please send an email requesting to (re)enroll in NSU's Student Health Insurance Plan to and include the following information: 

  • copy of your previous insurance's letter of termination
  • name
  • NSU ID
  • NSU email
  • semester
  • home address
  • date of birth
  • campus location
  • program
  • whether you are in your final year of study at NSU

Coverage period: After you enroll, you will have insurance coverage for the remainder of your program's academic year.

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