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mandatory programs

Mandatory Programs

NSU Programs Requiring Students to Carry Health Insurance Deadline Summer Semester/Term Deadline Fall Semester/Term
Anesthesiology Assistant (M.S.) July 1 N/A
Audiology (AUD) N/A September 1
Athletic Training (B.S.) N/A September 1
Biomedical Science (M.B.S.) N/A September 1
Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) N/A September 1
International Program for Dental Graduates (D.M.D.) July 1 N/A
Postdoctoral Dental Programs August 1 September 1
Exercise and Sports Science (B.S.) N/A September 1
Law Full-time Day Program (J.D.) N/A September 1
Nursing (B.S.N.) - Entry N/A September 1
Occupational Therapy (O.T.D., M.O.T.) July 1 N/A
Optometry (O.D.) N/A September 1
Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) N/A September 1
Pharmacy (Pharm.D., Ph.D.) N/A September 1
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) - Entry July 1 N/A
Physician Assistant (M.M.S., Concurrent M.M.S and M.P.H.) July 1 N/A
Public Health (M.P.H) N/A September 1
Residential Students (all levels and programs) N/A September 1
Respiratory Therapy First-Professional Program (B.S.) N/A September 1
Sonography (B.S., Concurent B.S., and M.H.S.C.) Cardivascular and Medical July 1 N/A
Speech-Language and Communication Disorders (B.S.) N/A September 1
Speech-Language Pathology (M.S., SLP.D.) July 1 September 1
Undergraduate (Traditional Day Students) N/A September 1
The waiver deadline for the Winter semester/term for all programs is February 1.

If you are insured under another insurance plan, you must opt out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year by the given waiver deadline for your program. The effective dates for coverage under the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan will coincide with the academic year, not the calendar year. To help prevent unwanted charges, the Student Health Insurance department continuously sends waiver reminders to students’ student email until the charge has been removed. 

Waiver Information

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