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Veteran Community Partnerships

The Veterans Trust

The Veterans Trust (TVT) is a strategic grant-making foundation dedicated to maximize the cooperation, coordination and collaboration of existing veteran service organizations in the community. TVT maximizes the effectiveness and efficiencies of community services and programs so we can all work together and help our military, veterans and families.Initiated and led by veterans, TVT is committed to finding best practices in the veteran community and then funding them to satisfy the value gaps currently impacting veterans’ services and programs. With the ultimate goal of empowering veteran leadership, The Veterans Trust aims to troubleshoot and support community pillars so we work smarter, not harder and get these veterans the assistance they need.

Mission United

Mission United, a community initiative led by the Broward County United Way, is a critical program supporting United States military service members, veterans, and their families in Broward County by helping them re-acclimate to civilian life. Key focus areas include employment, education, health, legal assistance, emergency financial aid, and housing. These are addressed through committees.

Dellenbach Foundation

The Dellenbach Foundation is focused on providing funds, volunteer services, and supplies for severely ill and injured children as well as to Veterans/First Responders and their families with an emphasis on areas where other assistance is unavailable or insufficient



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