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NSU Military Affairs Veterans Resource Center

Nova Southeastern University has been actively supporting service members, veterans, and their families for more than 45 years. NSU is committed to assisting veterans in taking advantage of their educational benefits, coordinating resources and services to enable academic success, graduation and career attainment, providing coordinated care for veteran and their family’s health needs, and creating the pathway for future leaders through the Army ROTC program.

At Nova Southeastern University, it is an honor to serve those who have served.  

NSU's Veteran Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center is the centralized location for services specifically designed for our veterans and military affiliated students. Our mission is multifaceted and includes the facilitation of academic success, transitional assistance, supporting university and community engagement, providing professional development opportunities, and ultimately graduation and career attainment. Additionally, the VRC provides our students with a home away from home, with lounge space, study areas, refrigerator and microwave, and a computer lab. It is also the host of the SVA veteran student group Freedom Sharks.

Veterans Access Clinic

As a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces you and your immediate family members now have access to a variety of health care services at any of NSU’s clinical locations. The NSU Veterans Access Clinic provides veterans and their immediate families coordinated care using an interdisciplinary team approach to evaluate your health needs and facilitate all necessary appointments and referrals.

Military Affairs Academic Programs (MAAP)

NSU Military Affairs has identified and selected premier academic programs that are highly sought-after by our veteran and military affiliated students that will maximize available education benefits and allow for rapid employment when entering the workforce.

Education Benefits

The Veterans Education Benefits staff in the Office of Student Financial Assistance serve as a liaison between Nova Southeastern University student-veterans and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The office facilitates the administration of educational benefits for student-veterans, their spouses, and their dependents attending NSU.


Army ROTC is a college elective program that will teach you to be a leader and can help you pay for college. Though the ROTC courses and program, you will learn the skills to be an effective leader, gain a greater sense of service, and develop the intangible qualities that will make you an ideal candidate in the job market, whether civilian or military.

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