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Academic Advising FAQ

The following information can be found in the Undergraduate Student Catalog. But, for quick reference, here are the answers to the questions advisors are most often asked.

  • How, and where, do I register?
    Your first registration must be done with an advisor. After that, you can register online through SharkLink, except for students with holds and NSU employees, who must enroll with the assistance of an academic advisor.

  • Are there any alternatives to meeting with my advisor on NSU's main campus?
    Yes! The Center for Academic and Professional Success is eager to serve students in the most convenient manner possible. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, you can communicate with your advisor over the phone, Zoom, and via email.

  • What, and when, is the drop/add period?
    During the first week of each term, students may add and drop courses. During the second week of each term, students may drop courses but may no longer add courses. Students who add classes after they have started are responsible for all course requirements. Students who intend to drop all courses for a semester must meet with their advisor to process the full drop.

  • When can I withdraw from a course?
    After a semester's or term’s drop/add period, students may withdraw from a course, but will not receive financial refund or credit, until the end of the week following the halfway point of the semester or term, depending on the course length. For exact dates, refer to the Academic Calendars.

  • How do I prepare for the semester if I am enrolled in online courses?
    Students enrolled in an online course can become familiar with the tools needed to be successful by reviewing the online resource materials via Canvas. You will be given access to your online course in Canvas three days prior to the start of the term. To access Canvas, log in to SharkLink. Click on the "Students" tab to view your registered courses in the "My Course" section.

  • What is Degree Works?
    Degree Works enables students to review their class choices and program requirements. It is recommended that students print and bring their degree audit with them when meeting with an advisor to determine course selection.

  • What should I do if I have a hold on my account?
    A hold on your account may prevent you from enrolling. You need to resolve any holds with the department that entered the hold.

  • How can I adjust my schedule after classes start?
    Once a term starts, all schedule changes need to be made by an advisor. All requests for this must be submitted in writing, in person, or by email. A phone call request is not sufficient.

  • How do I get my NSU ID, NSU Email, and PIN?
    All students are assigned an NSU ID that uniquely identifies them and provides them access to our administrative system WebSTAR. In addition, students are assigned a SharkLink ID, which is also your NSU Email name. To obtain your NSU ID and/or SharkLink ID, visit

  • If I need technical help, where do I go?
    Contact the NSU Help Desk at or (954) 262-4357.

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