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Timeline Followback Forms And Related Materials

Note: The Timeline Followback (TLFB) assessment instrument and related forms are copyrighted. They can be downloaded and used when the following conditions are met: (a) the TLFB will be used for research studies that have no funding or used by clinicians for clinical purposes; and (b) its use will be acknowledged on all TLFB materials that they are “copyrighted and by whom”. Pharmaceutical and other companies/agencies who want to use the TLFB MUST obtain permission and sign a licensing agreement prepared by the owners [;]. For modifications or translations to the TLFB the owners must grant written permission including a statement how the modified TLFB is to be cited.

The following forms are intended to help individuals complete Timeline Followback calendars for a multiple of different behaviors (i.e., alcohol-use, drug-use, cigarette-use, internet-use).

Professional Translation and Backtranslation of Different Language Versions of the Timeline Followback

Non-Professional Timeline Followback Translations and Back Translations

Computerized PC and MAC TLFB Programs: Separate instructions are included in each program for administrators and respondents. If you have further questions after using a program or find problems with a program please email us.

Computerized TLFB Programs for Interviewing Collaterals/Significant Others

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