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TEDx - x=independent organized TED event

TEDxNSU is an annual event, featuring engaging lectures, videos, visual art, and interactive experiences at Nova Southeastern University under the direction of associate professors Leanne Boucher and W. Matthew Collins. TEDxNSU showcases "ideas worth spreading" from members of our diverse university community.

Thought-provoking events like TEDxNSU support the college's aim to encourage intellectual exploration and the sharing of ideas amongst students, faculty and staff, and members of the local community. TEDxNSU expands this reach to a global audience with videos of the lectures available on YouTube.

TEDxNSU 2019: Knowns & Unknowns

What do you know to be true and what do you wish were true? What evidence do you seek out - or not seek out - when making decisions about what you know? This year we are looking for people who have wrestled with the idea of how they define knowing in their personl and professional lives.

Apply online at

Application deadline: Friday, September 30, 2018

And save the date for the event!      March 16, 2019

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To watch videos from our previous events, please click below:

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