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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Noon–5:00 p.m.
NSU's Main Campus | Davie, Florida
Performance Theatre | Don Taft University Center


TEDxNSU 2017 explored the little things. Many of life's big moments are the result of countless smaller moments - some orchestrated, some required, some happenstance, but all important because without the little moments, the big ones might have never happened. We reflected on and celebrated life's smaller moments and elevated them to their (maybe) rightfully lofty status in our personal and professional lives.



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Videos of TEDxNSU 2018

Aline Silva


"From 3 to 5: Our Road to Fostering"

Aline Silva had a tough year, but was able to turn around that difficult year into hope and gratitude by learning more about the need for foster homes in the state of Florida. It is estimated that there are about 14,000 children in the foster care system in Florida. Silva and her family struggled with a year filled with multiple miscarriages, but instead of focusing on the negatives, they took a different approach and focused on all the little things that make life great. In this process, they learned that by focusing on the needs of others versus their own, especially those within the foster care system, they would experience gratitude for what they had, compassion for those that suffer, coupled with a newfound courage to actually do something about it.

John Rizvi


"Cut the Toes Off Your Pantyhose: Patenting Solutions to Life's Little Annoyances"

The proverbial “million dollar idea” that people spend their entire lives pursuing may actually be a seemingly tiny, insignificant thing that has been in their peripheral vision all along. Small simple ideas, that may seem obvious in hindsight, have changed entire industries and made many inventors incredibly wealthy in the process. In his talk, Board Certified Patent Attorney John Rizvi, aka the Patent Professor®, will explain how it’s the little things that count in finding patentable subject matter because innovation depends upon incremental improvement.

Ashwin Kalyandurg


"Setting Goals on Your Hands"

Are you scared of your goal? Turning your dream into a reality can seem impossible! But all it takes to achieve the impossible is two simple steps which, when applied to your life, will completely change the way you view the world. In this talk, Ashwin Kalyandurg, will demonstrate how we can reach inside ourselves and change reality.

Ariba Hashmi


"Discovering Hindsight"

Hashmi offers her experience on how small things impact life, through a coming of age story told through cartoon illustrations. In her talk, she portrays the circumstances leading a space alien to explore a new planet and adapt to a world outside of his comfort zone; highlighting how the unfortunate things that “just happen” play a larger role in the grand scheme of things. This seemingly fictional alien tale offers a universally relatable message.

Bryan Deptula


"Leaders Are Born to be Made"

Leaders are born to be made! Leaders can be made through events in their life that pull out the leader from within, and trigger changes in how they see themselves in relation to others. In this talk, Bryan Deptula reveals how the pillars of leader development—identity, intellect, and instances – can be applied to transform today’s worker into tomorrow’s leader, and make generations of great leaders.

Devika Carr


"Seeking Inspiration, Not Happiness"

Society uses happiness as a measure of success, subsequently authorizing negative stigmas about those who experience depression or mental health related conditions. Experiencing significant periods of sadness while living in a culture of people only talking about their pursuits of happiness made Carr desperate for an honest approach to living authentically, without disregarding real emotions. With commitment and practice, she discovered the art of finding inspiration in every little moment of life is the minute mindset shift with the greatest impact on achieving all of life’s purpose.

Taylor Bertolini


"The Power of Words"

Taylor Bertolini grew up primarily finding notes filled with love and compassion in her lunchbox. She learned that a few words of encouragement could not only change her life, but the lives of others. That idea followed her to college where she started an organization on the NSU campus called Campus Cursive. When you harness the power of a kind word, you have the power to change lives.

Jareau Almeyda


"After the Dust Settled"

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Jareau Almeyda was sitting at his desk on the 85th floor of the World Trade Center in New York City when the first plane crashed just a few floors above him. In this firsthand account, Almeyda recounts how the lessons learned during an hour-long decent through the exit stairwell helped him survive, and how those lessons led to his years-long pursuit of higher education.

Siddhesh Kudtarkar


"Living Unforgettably"

Inspired by the way he was memorizing facts for his medical school exams, Kudtarkar wanted to know if he could remember specific and verifiable details from every day of his life too using a memory program called Anki. Although he  was able to achieve this to a certain extent, the insights that he had after conducting this experiment were even more fascinating and speak to memory’s role in guiding our everyday lives.


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