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Disney is known around the world as the preeminent leader in guest services. Accomplishing this is not easy and is only possible through a positive, intentional, and inclusive approach to leadership and team development. The Disney Imagination Campus is Disney’s opportunity for high school, college, and business leaders to become inspired by one of the most innovative brands in the world through tried-and-true techniques developed by Disney leaders.

All interested undergraduate students should seek a nomination from an NSU Faculty or staff member or a Graduate Assistant in the Division of Student Affairs and the College of Undergraduate Studies.

Selection Process

NSU students who have been nominated, applied, interviewed, and chosen for this unique experience will attend a 2 day of training at Disney’s facilities at Epcot’s Disney Imagination Campus. Students will be exposed to Leadership and Innovation through attending two courses, Leadership the Disney Way and Teamwork the Disney Way. Each participating student will receive a 3-Day Park Hopper Pass to be used after instructional sessions end on day 1 and day 2 and before departure on day 3. Transportation, accommodations, training costs, and 3 Day Park Hopper Pass will be provided by NSU. Student meals are the responsibility of the participating students.

Leadership the Disney Way

Discover the principles that Disney leaders use to create an inclusive environment where all Cast Members are valued.


In this course, participants explore the importance of Disney’s 5 Keys of Excellence that guide Disney Cast Members in everything they do. Participants will be challenged through a variety of experiences focusing on effective communication and critical thinking. Through hands-on learning and problem-solving scenarios, participants will experience the real-world application of these principles as they interact with Disney leaders and discover their own personal leadership styles.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of diversity when assembling a team
  • Understand the value of a positive attitude when faced with any challenge
  • Describe Disney’s 5 Keys of Excellence and how these impact a large organization’s ability to quickly solve problems
  • Describe and analyze the relationship between Cast Excellence, Guest Satisfaction and Business Results
  • Engage with various partners to problem-solve through collaboration
  • Understand their personal leadership skills and their own leadership style


Teamwork the Disney Way

Teamwork is the cornerstone of how we achieve success at Disney. In order to provide our Guests with the service and products they expect, working together towards a common goal is the key.



At Disney, our success and our legacy have always hinged on highly effective teams who are motivated toward a common goal. This spirit of shared vision and teamwork can be observed throughout The Walt Disney Company and in every aspect of our Disney theme parks. In this experience, participants learn the Disney philosophy and strategies behind high-performing teams. They’ll experience first-hand how collaboration and openness enable teams to overcome obstacles and achieve the ultimate goal...making magic for our Guests every day.


Key Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explore the attributes that make teams highly effective
  • Examine their personal strengths and how to apply them in a team setting
  • Discover how the diversity of thought strengthens a team
  • Understand the need to support and build on the contributions of team members
  • Learn the value of communication, trust, and compromise in a team setting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of shared responsibility


Nomination, Application, and Interview Information

Students who would like to attend should seek a nomination from a faculty member, staff member, graduate assistant, and/or campus organization advisor. Nominators will be asked to provide the reasoning for their nomination and how this experience could positively impact the nominee’s leadership development.

A nominated student who passes an administrative review (see requirements below) will be invited to apply for the experience. Applications are required and will pose reflective questions of the nominee on the topic of their leadership development. Once applications are received students who meet the requirement will be asked to schedule a 15-minute interview with the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. Once the interviews have concluded the top 20 students will be offered seats on the trip. An alternate list will be developed based on the results in ranking order to fill seats that may not be filled by the initial 20 offers.

Participant Requirements                                                     

  • Undergraduate student
  • Minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA
  • A Clear Judicial Record


Please direct all questions to:

Daren Capirchio

Director of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement


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