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Organization Sponsored Travel

Travel refers to all student travel, including but not limited to conferences, trainings, and leadership development, organized and funded through student clubs and organizations in accordance with the travel policies and procedures of the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office.

How Travel is Funded?

Travel can only be sponsored and funded through the Organization Account Funds or PanSGA Professional Development Grant. Student Government Associations (SGAs) are NOT allowed to allocate funding and sponsor students or student organizations for conferences and any other travel-related expenses under any circumstance or condition.

Student organizations can fundraise to use organizational funds to attend conferences outside of the PanSGA PDG and receive reimbursement for travel-applicable expenses as listed in the Travel section of the Student Activity Fee Accounts Manual. Organizations must submit a Travel Request/Registration Form in advance of at least 15 business days of travel to receive approval for their organization-funded trip and have their reimbursements processed by the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office upon conclusion of the trip. 


All PanSGA and SGA funded conference related travel MUST go through the PanSGA Professional Development Grant (PDG). This grant provides students with the opportunity to be reimbursed for applicable conference travel-related expenses if they will be attending or presenting in conferences during the academic year. Applicants can only APPLY FOR and/or RECEIVE one (1) Professional Development Grant per academic year.

For students interested in applying for the PanSGA PDG, please refer to the NSU Pan Student Government Association's SharkHub for additional upcoming details on this opportunity.

The Fall 2024 Professional Development Grant Application will open in mid-August on SharkHub. The application will list all eligibility requirements and instructions for applicants. This funding opportunity will have the potential to reimburse successful applicants for conferences taking place between June 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024.

  1. All PanSGA PDG recipients will receive an award letter with their grant details and reimbursement instructions for applicable expenses after conference travel has concluded. Please review your award email and all attached documents in their entirety to ensure your incurred expenses can be reimbursed by the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office.
  2. Recipients MUST submit a Travel Request/Registration Form in advance of at least 15 business days of travel to either directly book their travel through NSU Travel and/or become eligible for reimbursement of applicable expenses after the conference has ended. 
  3. Please carefully review the PDG Reimbursement Guide and the Travel and Original Detailed Receipts sections of the Student Activity Fee Accounts Manual to ensure reimbursements are properly processed and approved without any payment delays.  
  4. Upon conclusion of conference travel, a Request for Funds Form (RFF) MUST be submitted to the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office to receive reimbursement for applicable expenses. 
  5. Please ensure all receipts are submitted in clear and complete Word or PDF attachments, and all receipts MUST show the recipient's name along with the itemized and paid sections. 
    • Applicable expenses for reimbursement are Conference Registration, Airfare, Hotel/Stay Accommodations, Uber/Lyft/Taxi Services, and Mileage (if own car was used for ground transportation). 
    • Meal expenses are NOT covered under the PanSGA PDG.
    • Uber/Lyft/Taxi Services are only covered for between the following points of location: residence, airport, hotel, and conference location (if separate from hotel).
    • Venmo/Zelle/Cash-sharing confirmations and bank statements are NOT accepted as forms of receipts. Shared expenses will be refunded in full only to the individual(s) who completed and paid for the original transaction.
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