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NSU Pharmaceutical Researchers

Licensing Tamper-Proof Technologies to Confront Prescription Drug Abuse

Regular and tamper-resistant opioid tablet

Competitive Technologies for Drug Manufacturers

In response to the deadly epidemic of prescription drug abuse and following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines to develop abuse-deterrent formulations, Hossein Omidian, Ph.D., and his research team at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) are developing abuse-deterrent technologies to prevent drug abuse by snorting, injecting, and oral ingestion.

“Since abusers do not follow a standard protocol and use a wide range of unconventional methods to abuse opioids, no single technology can promise full deterrence to abuse,” said Omidian, professor at NSU’s College of Pharmacy. “We strategically designed technologies that can effectively and safely be used in developing both immediate and sustained-release opioid formulations with effective abuse deterrent properties.”

NSU’s deterrent technologies are based on certain pharmaceutical excipients and polymers that only work when the opioid formulation is manipulated by abusers for snorting, injecting, and oral ingestion. In the meantime, same drug formulation benefiting from NSU’s deterrent technologies provides its intended therapeutic effectiveness if taken as prescribed.

Protected by several patent applications, NSU is seeking collaborative partnerships and licensing opportunities to bring its abuse-deterrent technologies into the pharmaceutical market.

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Partner With Us: To learn how you and your organization can partner with NSU on this and other innovative and marketable technologies, contact Gary Margules, Sc.D., NSU vice president of research and technology transfer, at or (954) 262-7507.

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