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The New SharkLink

Faster, Easier & Customized for you

The new interface provides a clean look and feel that allows content to be easily located. SharkLink now pulls important information from outside of SharkLink and displays it within, making it faster to get information you need.

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We are pleased to announce the new student portal experience is now live. In this update you will find a new tabbed menu on login that will help you locate information and resources for your:



    Financial Aid (Requirements / Disbursements)

      Grades & Transcripts

     Student Profile


Below are some of the larger enhancements made to provide a useful and over all better user experience. Click on the blue accordion that best fits your role at NSU and see some of great new features.

Quick Start Guide

We wanted to put the information right at your fingertips from the moment you log into the portal. The home tab serves as your global overview for course information, financial information, holds, and more. You will also find useful links to commonly used applications and services from the quick links section of the home tab. We have also included some banners as well to help direct you to other important information throughout the semester so check back often as we make updates to these.
SharkLink New Student Portal

The My NSU home page will be where faculty and staff can find their N# and know when their NSU password will be expiring.  Faculty and staff will also have one click access to many of frequently used applications such as Email, SharkTime, Office 365, AppCentral, Canvas, Banner, WebSTAR, Recruit, JobX, Astra, Ariba, PayTrax+, Grades First, NSU E-Bill, SharkMedia. Additional applications and application information can be found on the Applications page. 

Employee Applications

My Account

My Account
Faculty and Staff will now be able to see if a balance is owed to the university. Chances are the balance will be 0. In the unlikely event, faculty or staff get a parking ticket or accrue a balance any other way, faculty and staff can view it here. Faculty and staff will have ability to go seamlessly log in to NSU E-Bill for payment or WebSTAR to view account details.

Faculty and staff will also be able to see if there are any active holds placed on their account.

Bursars resources and contact information will be present on the page if needed.

Emp Account



The Payroll page will provide an overview of time off balances. Faculty and staff can quickly see how much Vacation, Personal, and sick time that is available to them. If faculty and staff are on campus (1NSU network) they can also easily access SharkTime to request time off.

The new compensation block shows faculty and staff the next pay date while also providing access to their pay statements, earnings history within webSTAR, and the full payroll calendar. Remember adjunct faculty and contracts should refer to their contract for their pay schedule.

Employee pay roll screen shot


HR Page

The HR page will provide an overview of the health care benefits an employee and faculty is currently enrolled in (if eligible), along with the opted in retirement benefits.  The HR page also provides quick access to the HR website and commonly used HR forms. 

HR Screenshot


Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources
The Faculty Resources page will have a Faculty Dashboard that will give faculty one click access into WebSTAR to view assigned course details, rosters.  The Faculty Resources also includes useful links to important resources such as roster reconciliation, change of grade form, view course offerings and descriptions within WebSTAR. 

Faculty Dashboard Screenhot

What are sites in SharkLink?
The new sites dropdown will give you access to additional hubs of content based on your role. An example of this would be a college specific site with unique content targeted to Students, Faculty, and Employees from the college and can include: unique events, news, college specific forms, and applications.

What is the My NSU site within SharkLink?
My NSU is the primary hub for general information, applications, and resources you will need to access on a regular basis. We have created a simple, targeted set of pages that will provide you with quick access to all the resources you need.

Will I still be able to access applications from my existing web browser bookmarks?
Yes. As of right now there are no plans to remove existing login pages from other applications. One of our major goals for SharkLink is to have it become the single source for accessing all applications in the future. We will be addressing this in more detail later this year.
*Please remember that not all applications will work if you are not connected to the 1NSU network.
*Please remember that applications outside of the new SharkLink portal may not be mobile responsive or supported by all browser types. This is a limitation of those platforms and not one of the new portal.

Is the new SharkLink Portal available from my mobile device?
Yes. You can access the full portal from a mobile device (phone or tablet) by visiting the web address. The application will automatically resize to fit your device.
*Please remember that not all applications will work if you are not connected to the 1NSU network.
*Please remember that applications outside of the new SharkLink portal may not be mobile responsive or supported by all browser types. This is a limitation of those platforms and not one of the new portal.

What web browsers are supported by the new portal?
We have been working hard to ensure that the new portal works in all modern browsers for desktop/laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

What is happening to my colleges existing intranet portal?
All previously independent intranet portals will be consolidated into the new SharkLink portal. When you log into SharkLink on launch day you will have access to the MyNSU site with all general resources and application links. Additionally, you will be able to use the My Sites Dropdown at the top of the SharkLink page to access all of the college specific content that was migrated from the external intranet portals. It is also important to highlight the fact that some custom applications that were developed have been moved to AppCentral. AppCentral is an enterprise wide platform developed by NSU to help consolidate and improve the quality of internally developed applications. Please visit the AppCentral web page for more information on everything that has been migrated.

Is the new SharkLink portal accessible?
The new SharkLink conforms to the most optimal WCAG 2.0 AA standards, and is compatible with JAWS 17 and IE 11. We are reviewing known constraints, and actively working toward providing a portal that is accessible to all needs. For a full breakdown of our current compatibility, please download our ADA Compatibility in SharkLink PDF or listen to the audio version below.

How do I change my password within the new SharkLink Portal?
From the My NSU home page you can change your password from within the welcome block at the top of the page. The block will provide you with a countdown (see below) that will indicate when your password needs to be changed. Next to the countdown is the link to reset your password. Passwords can be changed at any time without the need to wait for the countdown to expire.

Password reset
*Please note this password corresponds to your NSU username and will update across all platforms that require all NSU passwords. Also, remember to manually update your password on your mobile devices.

How do I update my personal information and emergency contacts in the new SharkLink Portal?
From the My NSU home page you can select the view my profile link available in the welcome block at the top of the page.

welcome portlet

This link will sign you into WebSTAR where you can update or get information about the following:

  • View/Update Address and Phone
  • View/Update Email Address
  • View/Update Emergency Contacts
  • Name Change Information
  • Social Security Number Change Information

I am more than one of the following (Student, Faculty, Employee, or Alumni) at NSU. Will I need to log into SharkLink separately to view content that is specific to each role?
No. SharkLink will look at all the university roles that apply to you and provide a tailored navigation for you. Additionally, you will have access to the college site(s) that you are enrolled or employed by. These sites will be available from the My Sites dropdown at the top of the SharkLink portal.
*Faculty or and Employees at NSU who are also Students should note that the email single sign-on will default to their student inbox.

Why do I have to log into some applications even though I am already signed into SharkLink?
Not all applications provide single sign-on capability at this time. We are continually working with application providers for those that do not currently provide this functionality. We will provide additional updates as improvements are made and more single sign-ons are made available.

Access SharkLink V. 4 Seamlessly


SharkLink v.4 offers an easy and organized way to access any information regarding, grades, scheduling, financial aid, and payments.  

With new features offered and unfamiliarity with using the site before, it may be difficult at first to navigate. Below we have provided some of the best tips to enhance your SharkLink v. 4 experience.  

To have the best SharkLink v.4 experience, OIIT recommends the following: 

 - Use Google Chrome; 
 - Use Private Browsing; 
 - Run Separate Sessions In Windows, Not Tabs; and 
 - Close Your Browser. 
 - Use Google Chrome 

SharkLink v.4 is compatible with many modern browsers (Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.). However, upon evaluation, Ellucian, the vendor, and other universities have concluded that SharkLink v.4 runs noticeably fastest when using Chrome. By clicking Chrome, you will be redirected and allowed to download the latest update of Chrome on to your computer, if not yet done so.  

Use Private Browsing 

While SharkLink v.4 works in a normal Google Chrome window, to avoid issues arising due to browser caching, i.e., by your browser tracking your site history; SharkLink v.4 should be used in private browsing setting. This prevents your browser from tracking and storing your history.In Chrome, this is referred to as an Incognito window. 

If you are a Windows user, you can create a shortcut that will automatically load the SharkLink v.4 website in a new Incognito window for you. Here is how you do it:  
Open a normal Google Chrome window (note: it must be a normal window; the below-listed steps will not work if you are in an Incognito window); 

 - Go to the SharkLink v.4 website: 
 - Open the Chrome Menu (it's a little button at the top right of the screen, next to the address bar, and it has three vertical dots); 
 - In the Chrome menu, click More Tools and then click Create Shortcut; 
 - Uncheck the checkbox next to Open as window;  
 - Click Add; 
 - Go to your desktop; 
 - Find the new shortcut named " SharkLink v.4 _ NSU" and right-click it; 
 - Click Properties; 

Click inside the "Target" text box and at the end of what is already there, type a space and then "--incognito --new-window" (The full text of the text box will look something like this when you're done: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --profile-directory=Default --app-id=ogjbmbfjcnappfacnmbehjekmpabopma--incognito --new-window); and 

Click OK. 

To add this shortcut to your taskbar or Start Menu, you can right-click it again and then click Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start Menu. 

Run Separate Sessions In Windows, Not Tabs 

To optimize SharkLink v.4, each individual session should be reserved for one window. Meaning, if multiple SharkLink v.4 viewings are required simultaneously, then a separate new Chrome windows should be created for each session. Running SharkLink v.4 on one window with multiple sessions simply divided into tabs will lead to issues arising, such as one session timing out while another is still in use.  

Tip: Using step 2 in creating an Incognito shortcut will automatically open a new SharkLink v.4 session in a separate window for you. 

Close Your Browser 

Once you have completed your usage of SharkLink v.4, even if you plan on returning later within the day, it is important to close the browser window every time and at the end of every workday. This is done for security reasons and to ensure best practices. Even in the case of using an Incognito window, the browser should be closed.  


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