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Student Email Migration

Student Email Migration FAQ

Student email migration to is complete. All email and Office365 applications are available for all users.

NSU will be migrating all student accounts to a new email naming standard. The new email standard will be (current username) After the migration is completed, your Office 365 account will be the same username with the new email suffix of added. For example, will change to

Today, students and employees are all in the same email space. Overall, mail users have less features and access to fewer Microsoft services and applications, and some experience difficult issues when students and employees are all in the same email namespace. By migrating student accounts to a separate email namespace, NSU can ensure that the account issued to you as a student will stay with you as long as you are active and enrolled in an NSU program. Also, you will have full access to all features available in Office 365, including email that works and is easily configurable with any device, OneDrive for sharing documents, Skype for Business for instant messaging and collaboration on the fly, the newest Microsoft Office for up to five devices, and many other features. This migration will help ensure all of these features are available for you to use.

NSU’s Office of Innovation and Information Technology (OIIT) personnel will migrate student Office 365 accounts to the new email address standard starting on June 2, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.; the process is expected to take 16 to 24 hours. During this time, you may not be able to access your Office 365 mailbox or applications.

All your existing Office 365 account (email, OneDrive, Skype, etc.) and data are going to be associated with the new email address, so all of your data and settings will be unaffected. (No data will be lost!) Any message sent to your email address during the migration period will be delivered to your new mailbox once the migration is completed.

Yes, your existing password will work to log in to your email.

Logging into Office 365 uses your full email address, so you must change the way you login to email. You can login via the Office 365 portal at using your new email address in the format and your existing password.

If you configured any other device (PC, Mac, smartphone/IPad/etc.) to connect to your email account in Office 365, you will need to modify the settings on your devices to connect to your email after the migration. There are specific instructions on how to make this change for many popular devices available in our Office 365 migration website at or contact the NSU Help Desk at (954) 262-4357 or 1-800-541-NOVA, ext: 4357, if you have difficulty configuring your device.

NSU will maintain the old email address for students until December 2nd, 2017 to help ease the transition. After that date, the old email address will be removed from your account; emails sent to that address will not be delivered. After June 2, 2017, you must update your email address for any existing recurring emails you have sent to your email address and have them sent to your new address. (For example: bank, utilities, and social media accounts. Many of these send emails to notify customers of account changes; so, they should be changed beforehand to avoid any problems.)

You also can set an automatic reply that will let all incoming email senders know your NSU email address is changing; so, they can update their records. Visit for instructions on how to set up the automatic reply. 

If you are an NSU employee and a student, your current mailbox will remain unchanged, but you will be issued a new student account in the  format (where “user” is your current username). This new Office 365 mailbox won’t have any data in it at first, but all new student related email communication will begin going to this address (e.g. email from Blackboard, registrar office notifications, ebills, etc.). One of the purposes of this process is to separate employee and student data. And, by doing so, this will ensure your student account and data will remain accessible should you no longer be an employee for the university.

OIIT personnel can help you migrate any student-related data in the employee mailbox to your new mailbox. While you can forward individual emails, you will not be able to set a forward on the mailbox itself. Please submit a service request at NSU ServiceNow, if you need assistance.
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