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Office 365 Email

Office 365 offers business-class email, calendar, and contacts with a 50 GB inbox. Office 365 Email is accessible from PCs, Macs and mobile devices and can be integrated with other Microsoft services to connect with colleagues and work from virtually anywhere.

How can I access my email?

Office 365 Email can be accessed from a PC or Mac, a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, or via the web.

PC/Mac - OIIT recommends using the latest version of Outlook to use Office 365 Email (see instructions for Office ProPlus here), but it can be used with nearly any email client.

Mobile Clients - Office 365 email can be used with the Outlook app available in your devices app store, or many of the built in email applications that use ActiveSync such as the iOS Mail or Android Email apps.

Portal - Office 365 email can be accessed from any web browser via the URL

As part of our ongoing goal to provide our Students, Faculty, and Staff with the best service possible, we are constantly adding new and exciting features to our E-mail service. Email encryption is now available to all Students, Faculty, and Staff that have an active E-mail account with NSU.

How to send encrypted messages:

To send an encrypted message, simply put one of the following 3 tags anywhere in the message Subject or Body:

  • #encrypt
  • [encrypt]
  • {encrypt}

The message will be encrypted and sent to the recipient. Note: emails can only be encrypted when sending to a recipient that is outside of the University.

For step-by-step instructions, please use the following documentation:

Encrypted Email Information

To learn more about E-mail encryption, please visit the following links provided by Microsoft:

Encrypted E-mail in Office 365

Send, view, and reply to encrypted messages in Outlook

How do I open a protected message?

Another new feature we have recently added to your E-mail is spam filtering. This feature automatically quarantines messages that are believed to be spam so that your inbox does not get cluttered with them.

You will begin receiving a daily report which details all messages you received that were caught by the spam filter. If a message was incorrectly flagged as spam, you can release it from the quarantine from your spam report by clicking the "Release to Inbox" link.

For detailed instructions, please use the following documentation:

Spam Notification Information

For more information regarding the spam filter, please visit the following links provided by Microsoft:

Use end-user spam notifications to release and report spam-quarantined messages

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