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CMI/GWI Survey Study

Are you a Veteran from the Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm or Operation Iraqi Freedom?
Take our Survey Study! 


There are certain unexplained illnesses that are associated with the men and women in service during the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield and Operation Iraqi Freedom. These unexplained illnesses are today more commonly referred to as chronic multi-symptom illness, CMI, or Gulf War illness, GWI. During their time of service, many veterans may have been exposed to a variety of environmental, psychological and chemical hazards which are associated with CMI/GWI. These include but are not limited to: vaccinations, oil well fires, chemical & biological weapons, psychological stress, sarin/nerve gas, depleted uranium, pesticides such as DEET, infectious diseases, pyridostigmine bromide (PB), CARC paint, sand, dust and other particulates, toxic embedded fragments, heat Injuries, occupational hazards and noise. 

Although the exact cause of CMI and GWI are not known, there is the belief that exposures to environmental factors and increased psychological stress may be the most likely cause of CMI and GWI. In this study, we are working to get a better understanding of veterans' unexplained illnesses around the country, as well as, creating a registry for future contact. The survey asks participants if they would like to be contacted regarding future research opportunities and findings. The institute will reach out ONLY to those who agree to be contacted regarding information about studies that are available to them both locally and nationally and invitations to online seminars and events in the participant's area.

For more information, please contact us at 305-575-7648 or email


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