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Integrative Immunological Cardiovascular Research

Using integrative models for the study of disease processes, the integrative immunological cardiovascular research team has studied hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, chemical toxicity, diet, and exercise. Current research focus is on understanding Gulf War illness through a study funded by the Department of Defense. The goal of this multidisciplinary, multi-site research program is to conduct integrative, basic, and clinical studies that will lead to effective disease treatments. Current methodologies in the Integrative Immunological Cardiovascular Research Laboratory include echocardiography, telemetric blood pressure monitoring, genomic and proteomic testing, and exercise testing.


Gulf War Illness Research Program at Nova Southeastern University: In the Press

NSU's Sharkbyte "Understanding Gulf War Illness (GWI): An Integrative Modeling Approach" - November 19, 2013

Universities to Lead DoD's Two New Gulf War Illness Research Consortia 

CDMRP Department of Defense Gulf War Illness Research Program Booklet - April 2014

For More Information on the Gulf War Illness Research Program funded by the Department of Defense, click here!

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