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Publications | Clinical Systems Biology Group

Please find below a list in chronological order of publications from the Clinical Systems Biology Group.


  • Electronic Energy Migration in Microtubules
  • Kalra, Aarat & Benny, Alfy & Travis, Sophie & Zizzi, Eric & Morales-Sanchez, Austin & Oblinsky, Daniel & Craddock, Travis & Hameroff, Stuart & MacIver, M. & Petry, Sabine & Penrose, Roger & Scholes, Gregory. (2022).


  • A common language for Gulf War Illness (GWI) research studies: GWI common data elements
  • Cohen DE, Sullivan KA, McNeil RB, Klimas NG; Gulf War Illness Common Data Elements Working Group; Symptoms Assessment Working Group, McNeil R, Ashford W, Bested A, Bunker J, Cheema A, Cohen D, Cook D, Cournoyer J, Craddock T, Golier J, Hardie A, Helmer D, Lindheimer JB, Lloyd PJ, Kerr K, Krengel M, Nadkarni S, Nugent S, Paris B, Reinhard M, Rumm P, Schneiderman A, Sims KJ, Steele L, Turner M; Systems Assessment Working Group, Sullivan K, Abdullah L, Abreu M, Abu-Donia M, Aenlle K, Arocho J, Balbin E, Baraniuk J, Block K, Block M, DeBeer B, Engdahl B, Filipov N, Fletcher MA, Kalasinsky V, Kokkotou E, Lidie K, Little D, Loging W, Morris M, Nathanson L, Nichols MD, Pasinetti G, Shungu D, Waziry P, VanLeeuwen J, Younger J; GWI CDE Administrative Team, Klimas N. Life Sci. 2021 Aug 2:119818. doi: 10.1016/j.lfs.2021.119818. PMID: 34352259.





  • The Effects of Oxidative Stress and Excited Species on Microtubules: A Potential Role for Ultraweak Photon Emission in Neurodegenerative Disease?
  • Kurian P, Obisesan TO, Craddock TJA. Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology 175 109-124 (2017)
  • Synthetic Biology: From Gene Circuits to Novel Biological Tools
  • Argibay, N. G., Vazquez, E. M., Wilson, C. E., Craddock, T. J.,  Smith, R.P. Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Methods, Devices, and Applications, 371 (2017).


  • The ‘Quantum Underground’ : Where Life and Consciousness Originate
  • Travis J. A. Craddock, Stuart R. Hameroff and Jack A. Tuszynski, in R. R. Poznanski, J. A. Tuszynski and T. E. Feinberg (eds.) Biophysics of Consciousness: A Foundational Approach(World Scientific, Singapore, 2016), Chapter 13.



  • From Nano to Neuro and Beyond: A presentation of the emerging physics of consciousness from the ground up
  • Craddock TJA, Tuszynski JA, in Chopra D (ed.) Brain, Mind, Cosmos: The Nature of Our Existence and the Universe(Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2014)



  • Molecular Models of Information Processing at the Level of Individual Neurons and Their Significance
  • Craddock TJA, Tuszynski JA.  J Paritantra - J Syst Sci Eng 2012; 20(1): 15-31.





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