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Clinical Systems Biology Tools

DRUGPATH: The Drug Gene Pathway meta-database

The complexity of modern-day diseases often requires drug treatment therapies consisting of multiple pharmaceutical interventions, which can lead to adverse drug reactions for patients. A priori prediction of these reactions would not only improve the quality of life for patients but also save both time and money in regards to pharmaceutical research. Consequently, the drug-gene-pathway (DRUGPATH) meta-database was developed to map known interactions between drugs, genes, and pathways among other information in order to easily identify potential adverse drug events. DRUGPATH utilizes expert-curated sources such as PharmGKB, DrugBank, and the FDA’s NDC database to identify known as well as previously unknown/overlooked relationships, and currently contains 12,940 unique drugs, 3933 unique pathways, 5185 unique targets, and 3662 unique genes. Moreover, there are 59,561 unique drug-gene interactions, 77,808 unique gene-pathway interactions, and over 1 million unique drug-pathway interactions.

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