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How To Add the Official Syllabus Link to Your Blackboard Course Menu

Issue Date: 08-18-2017

You have updated all syllabi for your courses in the new AppCentral Syllabus Manager and added your endorsement on each but nothing shows in BlackBoard, what to do next?

These instructions are required to add the “Official Syllabus” link to your course menu for Fall 2017.


  • The Official Syllabus link will be added to BlackBoard courses for future semesters automatically.
  • If the syllabus is not showing after adding this link, there may be more endorsements required by your College. Full list of College syllabus support staff below.

Step 1:

Open your Blackboard course and look for the "[+] plus sign" above the name of your course in the upper left hand corner, circled in the screen shot below:

Syllabus 1

Step 2:

Go to the "+" sign above the name of the course, select "tool link" in the drop down menu that appears:

Syllabus 2

Step 3:

Once you select tool link, type "Official Syllabus" for the Name. Then click the drop down box next to "Achievements" and select "Syllabi". 

Syllabus 3

Step 4:

Check the box next to "available to users" and click "submit".

Syllabus 8

Once you submit, the course menu item will go to the bottom of the course menu.  You can drag and drop the “Official Syllabus” menu link to any position in the course menu.

Step 5:

Optional: If there is an existing Syllabus link from the previous semester, you can remove the link by clicking on the link and selecting “Delete” or “Hide Link".

Syllabus 7

Step 6:

Students and Faculty can then click the "Official Syllabus" link in the Course Menu and the Syllabi screen will appear:

Syllabus 5

Step 7:

Click the link with course name and the following screen will appear displaying the syllabi for the course.

Syllabus 4

NOTE: Cross-listed courses will have one syllabus per course.

More About Syllabus Management

For more information and tutorials on the Syllabus Management System click here.

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