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Media Gallery and My Media Tools in Canvas

Issue Date: 09-28-2018

What are the My Media and Media Gallery tool and how can I use them?  

The My Media and Media Gallery tools, both powered by Kaltura, are part of a cloud-based video management system that is integrated into our Canvas LMS. Kaltura is the name of the product that we have branded as Sharkmedia.

Kaltura/Sharkmedia integration within Canvas consists of three primary tools that make it possible to upload and share video, audio and other media files including images within any Canvas class. The tools are: 

  • My Media: a searchable repository for managing your personal media content.
  • Media Gallery: a searchable gallery of media content assigned to a course.
  • Embed Kaltura Media: a tool in the Canvas rich content editor (RCE) for embedding Kaltura content wherever the RCE is available.

If the My Media or Media Gallery are not available in the course navigation menu, the instructor will need to add it via Settings > Navigation > and use the drag and drop feature or the Enable option so these tools become visible in the course navigation.

Media 1

 Media 2



My Media 

The My Media tool gives you direct access to your personal media collection, including both unpublished and published content. When you upload content to My Media, you can publish it to multiple classes at once or embedded it within the Canvas RCE. 

To upload a media file to My Media:

Step 1. From the course navigation menu, click My Media.  If prompted to authorize

Canvas to access your Kaltura account, click Authorize. 

Step2. On the My Media screen, click the Add New button and then Media Upload.

Media 3  

Step 3. Click Choose a file to upload, locate the file on your computer and select it. Kaltura will display a progress bar as the file uploads. You also have the option to update the name for the uploaded file and enter a description and tags.

Media 4 


Step 4. Click Save. The video is now part of your My Media repository.


Media Gallery

Every course in Canvas has its own Media Gallery tool. Anyone in the class can upload and publish files to the Media Gallery, as well as add comments to files. Instructors can disable commenting and enable a moderation feature instead, which then requires approval from the instructor before being visible to the entire class. 

To Publish videos to the Media Gallery:

Step 1. From the course navigation menu, click My Media.           

Step 2. On the My Media screen, locate the items you want to publish.           

Step 3. For each item you want to publish, check the box to the left of the thumbnail to

select it. After selecting all the items, click the Actions button and choose Publish.

 Media 5 

Step 4. Kaltura will then show you a list of courses you are enrolled in. Check the desired

classes and click Save. The files will now appear in the Media Gallery for the courses you



Embed Kaltura Media in a Page 

Using the Kaltura Media tool you can embed most media files in any Canvas course. This is done via the rich content editor and applies to Pages, Assignments, Quizzes, etc. 

To embed a Kaltura file into the rich content editor:

Step 1. Open the item (by clicking edit) that you would like to embed the Kaltura media into.           

Step 2. Place your cursor where you want the embedded file to appear.           

Step 3. From the editor toolbar, select Embed Kaltura Media

Media 6 

Step 4. You can select to embed from either the My Media or Media Gallery repository

by clicking the Select button next to the file you wish to include.           

Step 5. After selecting the file, you will be returned to the rich content

editor and a preview of your file will appear. Click save when you are finished. 

To view a video about using Sharkmedia in Canvas click here.


Tags: Course Tools, Canvas

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