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Canvas Course Template Overview

Issue Date: 06-08-2018

Canvas Course Template


As a part of the Innovation Zone's effort to promote course quality and academic success, we developed a Canvas course template to help make creating and taking an online course as easy as possible. The course template is preloaded with a Home page that features the acknowledgment of the Academic Honor Pledge and contains pertinent course content placeholder items such as:

  • Getting Started
  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Course Modules
  • Student Resources
  • Technical Help


Getting Started

 Canvas Course Template 2

The first icon is Getting Started. The Getting Started module quickly navigates students onto their learning path. This module orients learners on what to expect and how to succeed in the course. These pages will convey to students an overview of your course objectives, class polices, and what they should expect to know by the end of the course. A great way to build your online course community is through the Discussion Board.  After reviewing the content pages in the Getting Started module, students can connect with you and their fellow course participants in the icebreaker discussion topic “Meet Your Classmates.


Meet Your Instructor

Canvas Course Template 3

The template also provides a designated space for your students to get know you. Meet Your Instructor is a placeholder for your contact information. It helps to let your learners know that you are approachable and available. A welcoming instructor page and course community can play a significant role in keeping your course members on the road to success.


Course Modules

Canvas Course Template 4

The course template is prebuilt with 16 customizable Course modules for you to add your course content. In addition to the 16 modules the template includes some information to help you build the course.

The first content page in each of module Canvas course template prebuilt modules is the “Module Overview and Objectives” page with placeholders for the module description and learning objectives. The module description provides the space for you to tell the story of what your students will be learning in the module and why.

To succeed in an online classroom, students should be to see how everything they are interacting with works together. Learning materials, leaning activities, and assessments should be centered on accomplishing the learning objectives within each module.


Student Resources and Technical Help

 Canvas Course Template 6  Canvas Course Template 7

The Home page also features Student Resources and Technical Help icons to guide students to resources and policies regarding accessibility, accessing the libraries, bookstore, technical support, and policies pertaining to the technology tools being used in the course. however, since resources and policy links are subject to update without notice, it would be helpful to students to verify the links for accuracy and update them as needed before the term starts.

We strongly recommend reviewing the template even if you plan to organize your course in a different way. The suggestions for organization modeled in the template may help you regardless of how you set up your Canvas course. 

If you need assistance with creating modules or pages in Canvas, help is available by phone or chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Canvas support. You can find the Canvas support number located in the technical resources area of the template. 


Canvas Course Template Video

To learn more about the Canvas course template click below to view a video:

Canvas Video

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