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Create Exams Using Respondus 4.0

Issue Date: 03-10-2017

Respondus 4.0 is a Microsoft Windows application that allows you to create and save exams or surveys locally and later print them or publish the results to your Blackboard courses.

Creating a Respondus File

The application will begin at the Start tab where you can open an existing file, create a new file or import content. Respondus creates and stores local files with your exam or survey information. For your first exam or survey, you will need to create a new file:

  1. Click the Create button to create a new Respondus file
  2. Enter a Name and Description for the file
  3. Choose the type of file: Exam or a Survey
  4. Click OK

Image 1

Adding Questions

You can now begin adding questions to your exam or survey:

  1. Choose between Multiple Choice, True and False, Essay / Short Answer, Matching, Ordering or one of the many other question types

  2. Fill in the fields for the question type you have chosen (each type of question may have different fields to complete)

  3. Click Add to End of List button to add the question to the exam or survey

Image 2

Preview, Publish or Print

Once you have added questions, you can preview, edit, delete, move or clone them by clicking the menu button next to a question in the question list.

Image 31

When you are finished adding questions, use the Preview & Publish tab to get an on screen preview, publish to Blackboard or print hard copies.

Image 4

More Information

For help and additional tips on using Respondus, you can access the Respondus Quick Start Guide, view some of the Training Demo videos or visit the Respondus Support Website. If you have additional questions, you can contact Strategic Support Services for further assistance.

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