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Recording Narrated PowerPoint Presentations

Issue Date: 11-11-2016

Sometimes it may be useful to have students record a presentation and submit it, rather than take up valuable class time having students share their presentation. It is possible to have a student record audio and the slide timings of their presentation directly in Microsoft PowerPoint. In order to record the Narration, go to the Slideshow tab, and click on “Record Slide Show”.

Record Slide Show

A dialog box will display asking you to select what you want to record:  Slide and animation timings or narrations, ink and laser pointer. Select what is appropriate and click on “Start Recording”.

Start Recording

The Slideshow then displays full screen and starts recording. A box in the top left side of the screen appears that allows you to advance to the next slide and repeat the current slide. Repeating the current slide is helpful if an error is made in the recording, only the impacted slide needs to be re-recorded.

Next Slide

Once the slideshow has been recorded it can be saved as a regular PowerPoint file or a video file, which can preserve the state of the recording. In order to save it as a video file, go to the Menu and Click on “File”, “Export”, “Create a Video” and then “Create Video”. Then decide where to save the file, and the file will be rendered. Depending on the length of the recording it may take a little time to complete rendering. The file that is generated is an MP4 format which is playable on both PC and Mac operating systems.


Tags: Office365

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