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International Travel Registration Program

Please note, countries with a U.S. State Department "high" or "extreme" rating for either Medical or Security reasons will not be permitted for NSU approved international travel. We recommend you visit the US Embassy website for your prospective destination in order to review such restrictions in advance.

NSU faculty, students, and staff travel across the globe to teach, conduct research, present at seminars and workshops, attend conferences, and study.  The university maintains a central international travel registration program that assists travelers on NSU related business or study with the assessment of health and safety issues associated with traveling to international destinations, and provides important contact information for services and assistance in the event of an emergency. As per university policy, all faculty, staff, and students traveling to international destinations on NSU-related trips are required to complete the NSU Travel Registration process.

Before a faculty, student or group trip is approved in your respective areas, you can check the risk rating and other details at the following website:

  • Know You Risks:
    • Learn About Your Risks provides the risk ratings and an overview of security, medical, travel and potentially City information.
    • Travel Security Online provides latest developments, travel security guide and location travel guide
    • Custom Location Reports allow you to create a customized assessment report – following example of screen and available assessment criteria
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