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Institutional & Community Engagement

About Us

The Office of Institutional and Community Engagement (ICE) primary goal is to facilitate, coordinate, and document implementation of NSU's Institutional and community engagement initiatives and to direct and disseminate information about the systematic, integrated processes through which the initiatives are assessed. The Office provides resources and assistance to faculty, administration and staff of NSU as well as to NSU's community affiliates.

What We Do

  • Coordinate the compilation of all community outreach activities through NSU's Community Collaboration Database.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Community Collaboration Committee and NSU's Community Task Force
  • Provide resources to faculty for curricular service learning
  • Review SACS and Carnegie standards to ensure that the eventual assessment of these data will meet those needs
  • Identify areas/pockets of community involvement not previously identified.
  • Assess community affiliates through an annual survey to provide feedback from the affiliates to program deans, directors and to NSU's central administration
  • Coordinate specialized annual awards to faculty for community involvement

Who We Are

Dr. Barbara Packer-Muti 
Phone: (954) 262-5398

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