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Faculty Research Resources

Biological and Materials Laboratory Resources

(400 sq. ft. equipped with one fume hood, one laminar flow cell culture hood and connected to gas, vacuum, and air): phase contrast inverted microscope with 4 MP color camera and upright microscope with 5 MP color camera, each with fluorescence capability, 18 µOhm water purifier, thermal cycler, table top centrifuge, hot plate stirrer, microfuges, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis and Western Blot/dot blot apparatus with power supplies, UV/vis light box with 3 MP color camera, balance, rotating mixer, 4 shakers, 37°C CO 2 incubator, pH meter, Bio-Tek µQuant UV/Vis Universal Microplate Spectrophotometer and quartz microplate for 96-well ELISAs, UV/Vis spectrophotometry and other related uses , Perkin-Elmer Victor 3V multilabel counter, 2 water baths, two -20°C and one –86°C freezer, chromatography cold cabinet and refrigerator, microwave oven, dry incubator, 96-well plate washer, UV and visible light box, 2 Macintosh iBooks and 1 PC networked, BioRad real-time PCR.

Leicon upright digital microscope with fluorescence, equipped with three filters and a super-cooled digital camera and an Alpha Innotech gel and plate digital imager.

(400 sq. ft. equipped with one fume hood, one laminar flow cell culture hood and connected to gas, vacuum, and air): small autoclave, speed vacuum, table top shaker incubator with 6 L capacity, drying oven, two thermal cyclers, –20 freezer, -86° freezer, refrigerator, microtome, spectrophotometer, 2 table top centrifuges, microwave oven, refrigerated table top centrifuge, fluorescence and brightfield microscope, inverted microscope, Beckman Avanti J-25 and Thermo IEC clinical centrifuge, two waterbaths, microwave oven, and computers.

(500 sq. ft. equipped with one fume hood, one laminar flow cell culture hood and connected to gas, vacuum, and air): 18uohm water purifier, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, anaerobic chamber, biosafety laminar flow cabinet, refrigerator, -20°C freezer, fume hood, 37°C CO 2 incubator, pH meter, water bath, microwave, balance, dry incubator, microfuge, drying oven, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis and Western Blot apparatus, balance, rocker, sonicator, liquid nitrogen cell storage container, shaker, hot plate, dry bath, computers, liquid nitrogen storage, BioRad HPLC machine, pulse-field electrophoresis, -86°C ultra-freezer, 4°C refrigerator, hybridization oven, small sterilizer, Olympus inverted microscope with fluorescence equipped with three filters and cooled digital camera.

(800 sq. ft. equipped with one fume hood, one laminar flow cell culture hood and connected to gas, vacuum, and air); scanning electron microscope: environmental E-SEM FEI Quanta 200; Stereo microscope with 35 mm camera, Olympus; 239328 C-35 AD-2. Fiber-Line High Intensity Illuminator Series 180, Dolan-Jenner Industries INC.; Light/polarizing Microscope BH-2, Olympus; Camera Exposure Control Unit, Olympus; Microhardness Tester Micromet 2100 Series, BUEHLER; WGLOSS (V.34) Surface Analysis System Model 805A/806H,Incubator, Vivadent; Sonicator Branson 1510; Process Optimization Densitometer 390/391, X-Rite; pH and Ion- Selective Meter and Electrodes Orion Model 710A, ISE; Amalgam/composite/cement mixer Roto Mix, Espe; SOMET Low speed saw, BUEHLER; Thermocycling Test Apparatus GP 200, Sabri Dental Enterprises Inc.; V 8 Cross Brushing Machine, Sabri Dental Enterprises Inc.; Staining Apparatus, Sabri Dental Enterprises Inc.; ESPE Highlight, curing light, ESPE.; P.H.A.S.E. II curing light, Virtuoso; 3M ESPE FreeLight curing light, 3M ESPE; 3M XL 3000 curing light, 3M.

(1300 sq. ft. equipped with two fume hood, two laminar flow cell culture hoods in side rooms, all connected to vacuum); Beckman T7 ultracentrifuge, tissue chopper, flat light, 37° water bath, 4° and –20° large capacity incubators, -80°C ultra-freezer, electrophoresis equipment, balances, pH meter, refrigerated Beckman/Coulter centrifuge, a Beckman DU 640 spectrophotometer, drying oven, radioactive room (3304) with geiger counter and dedicated electrophoresis, scintillation counter, and radioactive materials refrigerator), microwave, dessicator, speed vacuum evaporator, rotating hybridization incubator, small Sterilmatic autoclave, sonicator, Beckman table top refrigerated centrifuge, microfuge, Beckman table-top microtiter plate centrifuge, inverted microscope, BioRad power supply, Perkin Elmer 2400 GeneAmp PCR systems, Western Blot apparatus, hybridization incubator, UV crosslinker, hot plates, shaking water bath, gel dryer, HPLC, fraction collector, balance, orbital shaker, power supply, ELISA plate readers. This laboratory also has a quantitative fluorescence imaging analysis system which is equipped with an intensified, Hamamatsu CCD camera and Image-1/FL data acquisition and processing software. This image analysis system is attached to a Nikon, epifluorescence inverted microscope fitted with a 100x Fluor-objective and dichroic mirrors. This system is capable of quantitative fluorescence and light microscopy. A housing facility for small projects with mice and rats is also available from within this laboratory.

We would also like to recommend a website from Vienna University. It is full of great tips on doing research and links to other helpful sites.

Note: Research activities must be approved by the HPD Research Committee prior to commencement. Use of laboratory space and the equipment therein must be approved by the HPD Research Committee, and by the primary user group or College. Much of the equipment requires special training before use, as well.

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