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About HPD Research

Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division (HPD) Research is under the direction of Dr. Frederick Lippman Chancellor, Health Professions Division, Nova Southeastern University. HPD Research brings together scientists from many fields—anthropology, biology, biostatistics, informatics, dentistry, economics, epidemiology, genetics, medical sciences, medical care organization, nursing, nutrition, pharmaceutical sciences, optometric sciences, preventive medicine, psychiatry, psychometrics, public health, social psychology, and sociology—who conduct basic and applied research across a broad range of issues.

The research scientists are from a wide variety of fields and place a high value on collaboration; having the ability and desire to work closely with experts in other fields to design and carry out their projects. HPD investigators also set their own research agendas, compete for federal and private funds, and submit their findings for the judgment of their peers in the scientific community.

HPD research is becoming a major health research base in Florida, currently attracting public and private research and training grants and contracts to advance knowledge in all fields of health-related sciences through basic and applied research.

Question? Please Contact:

Patrick C. Hardigan, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Assessment, Evaluation, and Faculty Development
Director of HPD's Statistical Consulting Center
Health Professions Division
Nova Southeastern University
3200 South University Drive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328
(954) 262-1524
(954) 262-2252 (Fax)

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