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  1. CTC provides Lentiviral vector design, production and genetic modification platform for the users.
  2. CTC is capable of processing healthy or patient tissues such as blood, bone marrow, cord blood, tumor and various tissue biopsies in GLP conditions with a wide range of cell lineages that can be efficiently enriched and processed for further experiments.
  3. CTC also provides chromatography and nano particle visualization platforms which enable isolation of extracellular vesicles such as exosomes, production/isolation of antibodies and MHC tetramers, as well as characterization of exosomes and viral particles.
  4. CTC will also provide technical/practical research assistant support to the researchers. Long/short term cell culture, daily experimental support on demand will be charged by time in case researcher provides the other material and consumables.
  5. In order to provide efficient and wide-range use of healthy and patient human material, CTC is planning to biobank all remaining biomaterial and all CTI research groups will have access to the material, depending on the ethical permits, primary ownership and liability release for such material.
  6. CTC will operate in close collaboration with scientist. While CTC will provide established routine services, scientists will also be able to train CTC staff on new techniques that they need assistance with. 
  7. CTC also provides an interactive platform for other Core Facilities located at NSU. For example, cells and tissues processed by CTC can further be analyzed using flow cytometry, microscopy imaging, transcriptomic, genomic and proteomic analysis. Additionally, cells of interest or genetically modified cells previously sorted in the Flow Cytometry Core or human cells derived from humanized mice from the Animal Facility can be further processed and maintained at the CTC. CTC staff will be cross-trained by other core facilities in order to prepare, process and handle material for other core facilities within the preferred/required conditions. 
  8. CTC will create a theoretical and practical educational platform for NSU staff and students by organizing seminars, webinars and workshops. 
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