Central Study Files

The OCR will serve as the central repository for clinical trial documents. A Central Study File will be created for each study.


To establish an account contact database administrator David Bloyd dbloyd@nova.edu

How To Pay Research Participants

Learn the many ways to pay research participants at Nova Southeastern University

Designing Clinical Trial Protocol

How to get started on your Clinical Trial Protocol 

About Office of Clinical Research

Welcome to the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) at Nova Southeastern University. The OCR is a unit under the direction of the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer. The OCR supports faculty investigators, before, during and after a clinical trial. OCR assists faculty investigators to manage clinical research activities through consultation, advocacy, tools, communication and best-practice solutions.

OCR works with faculty investigators to determine study feasibility, participates in budget development, and establishes financial systems for clinical trials to assign individual study accounts. Contract review and negotiation services provided by the office advocate for the faculty investigators.

The faculty investigator may request assistance with Institutional Review Board submissions and the development of informed consent documents.

The OCR provides resources and educational tools for faculty investigators to conduct clinical trials in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

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