Central Study Files

The OCR will serve as the central repository for clinical trial documents. A Investigator Binder For Essential Documents will be created for each study.


To establish an account contact database administrator David Bloyd dbloyd@nova.edu

How To Pay Research Participants

Learn the many ways to pay research participants at Nova Southeastern University

Designing Clinical Trial Protocol

How to get started on your Clinical Trial Protocol 

About Office of Clinical Research

The Office of Clinical Research is a full service office providing support to NSU faculty conducting clinical trials. Staffed with certified clinical research professionals ready to provide administrative assistance and clinical coordination for your trial. The OCR offers an extensive range of clinical research support services to help navigate the increasingly complex healthcare environment. The newly constructed outpatient General Clinical Research Center provides centralized research infrastructure and a multidisciplinary approach located on the fourth floor of the Center for Collaborative Research. There is private patient access to the GCRC with four state of the art exam rooms, a complete processing laboratory and secure storage. Innovative Internet and electronic access, which improve capabilities for Principal investigators and research participants, to complete trial activities and assessments. The Office of Clinical Research is here to meet all of your clinical and research needs.

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- Introduction to Clinical Research 

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