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Past Nominees

Core Value of the Month


What does Academic Excellence mean for NSU employees? Employees who...

  • Provide top quality resources and services to support academic excellence
  • Identify issues that might affect academic excellence and escalate them to the appropriate stakeholder(s) or, if appropriate, participate in designing/implementing solutions
  • Support a culture and environment that fosters learning
Here are just a few of the Nova Southeastern University family who are being recognized for their dedication to the core value of Academic Excellence.

Dr. Kenneth Johnson Assistant Dean / Department Chair | Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine

A student and peer writes that “Dr. Johnson has excelled, demonstrating both vision and leadership,” as an “outstanding professional who has an excellent record as an innovative, motivated, and engaged teacher. He is well-versed in maternal and child health issues and has extensive experience in incorporating clinical perspective into public health teaching.

His readiness to offer assistance to his colleagues and students alike and his sense of responsibility are a few of the many wonderful qualities that everyone finds totally unique and difficult to come across.

Dr. Johnson has made a considerable impact on the students, the department, and the campus community. His knowledge and understanding of different cultures, religion, and languages has produced in him the recognition that an international ethos is not only valuable but also necessary. With this in mind, Dr. Johnson has worked tirelessly since his appointment serving the college and enriching it tremendously.

Angela DiPalermo VC Field Support Specialist III | Innovation and Information Technology

Angela routinely makes herself and her team available to assist the HPD CSS Tech Team with any AV issues. On March 15th knowing that we were extremely short staffed, she not only assisted in verifying that the AV equipment was ready for a training session scheduled for the following week, she also assisted in verifying that the student computers had the necessary software for the training.

Angela’s behavior impacted the trainer and the attendees of the training by helping verify that the AV equipment and the computers were ready. It also impacted the HPD CSS Tech Team by allowing our team to quickly confirm the labs readiness, which allowed us to assist other users with their requests.

Karl Haro Professional Content Tutor & Trainer | Student Affairs

Karl started in our office as an undergraduate student employee. He worked as a tutor focusing on math and science until graduation. At that time, Karl opted to stay on in the office as a professional tutor. He now assists office administration in training new tutors, in addition to his responsibilities as a tutor.

Beginning in January 2018, writing support was transitioned to the Writing and Communication Center, leaving the Tutoring Center with additional space and resources to investigate expanding support to other areas. Karl has been an integral part of this process. He has stepped up to work with tutors that we've hired in these new areas, such as Spanish, Engineering, and Marine Biology. Although he may not have taken these classes as a student, he has developed relationships with faculty and students to help ease the process.

He has a strong drive and dedication to our center and to our students, and he will do anything in his power to serve them. Without Karl and his expertise in tutor training, the process of expanding services would be a slower endeavor. His dedication, maturity, and drive make him a trustworthy and valued member of our team. He is a big part of the process to expand tutoring and ensure the support we provide is top notch.

Nora Quinlan Director, Reference & Instructional Library Services | University Relations

Nora Quinlan has coordinated the 'Thinking Money Financial Fair' exhibit that took place May 5th at the Alvin Sherman Library. Nora reached out to the American Library Association Public Programs Office and help set up this fantastic fair that was open to NSU and Public patrons. The fair which was free helped patrons learn from representatives of various local agencies learn about financial literacy and avoid pitfalls. The exhibit reached out to tweens, teens and adults.

The impact of this exhibit that Nora advocated helped patrons increase their knowledge of financial literacy especially for adolescents to build a financial sound future. The exhibit drew in many patrons to the Alvin Sherman Library at NSU which left a major impact on the type of quality events that take place at the library. Nora also continues to reach out to various programming offices for other types of exhibits and programs.

Dr. Alexia Georgakopoulos Associate Professor |College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dr. Alexia Georgakopoulos is an accomplished scholar in her area of expertise and has published results of her ongoing projects, many of which entail collaboration with students. One of her most recent books is an award-winning handbook of mediation. The record of research project collaboration with community partners, other researchers, as well as students, attest to Dr. Alexia Georgakopoulos's academic excellence.

It is note-worthy that Dr. Georgakopoulos is actively engaged in scholarly work while actively practicing conflict resolution. Dr. Alexia Georgakopoulos collaborates with colleagues at the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies as well as students provided them with a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful experience practicing scholarship of engagement.

Core Value of the Month

April's Core Value is COMMUNITY

What does Community mean for NSU employees? Employees who...

  • Serve as an NSU ambassador by representing the University in a professional manner when engaging with the internal and external community
  • Share information readily with others and respond to questions appropriately (or refers them to the appropriate personnel) to promote community engagement
  • Demonstrate commitment to the University through his/her actions and interactions within the internal and external community
Here are just a few of the Nova Southeastern University family who are being recognized for their dedication to the core value of Community.

Lauren Filippi Academic Advisor | Student Affairs

Lauren serves as Undergraduate Academic Advising Center's Relay for Life Captain. She is also a student organization advisor. Lauren has been part of the advising family for only few months and continues to demonstrate her commitment to NSU's students and community at large.

She represents us well and makes us proud as we follow her leadership and become involved with student development and the community.

Maria Montoya Assistant Professor |Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine

Maria is beautifully committed to serving her community. She has taken the reins on numerous community health fairs over the past several months, traveling far and wide to serve the community, support KPCOM and the MPH students.

More than just service, when Maria talks about the weekend she spent supporting the health fairs her eyes light up with joy at having made a difference in the lives' of others. Maria is a passionate advocate for serving the community, vulnerable populations, and her students.

Maria brings passion and joy to NSU. She brings the core values of community to each and every activity, consistently ensuring that programs appropriately meet the needs of vulnerable populations.

Lesly-Loudmar Mathurin Athletic Trainer |NSU University School

Lesley displays the core value of community showing fellowship with others with common attitudes and goals. Lesley is extremely passionate about this job, and the student-athletes that he serves.

He enlightens athletes with his charisma and motivates them to always do their best. Lesley's behavior has enhanced the experience of being a part of Nova Southeastern University because of his willingness and passion to encourage others.

Piya Chayanuwat Executive Director | Library Systems

Piya attends almost every community event that NSU holds. He is always promoting NSU community events, checking in to them on social media, and posting pictures.

He truly embodies the NSU Value of Community! He not only is embedded in the NSU community, but also works to promote it to others.

Alysia Salley Supervisor, Patient Management | College of Dental Medicine

On a daily basis, Alysia Salley interacts with patients, students, faculty and staff and handles concerns of all kinds. The respect she demonstrates to all she encounters reflects her commitment to the NSU Value of Community.

She handles all these issues with great emotional intelligence, recognizing that she is a representative of the NSU College of Dental Medicine as she resolves concerns in service to the College of Dental Medicine.

Ana Maria Igleses Registrar's Office Supervisor | Data Entry & Degree Conferral

Ana serves as an NSU ambassador throughout the year by volunteering to bring services to the internal and external community. Ana saw great value in the wellness seminars being offered to the NSU community and she coordinated an effort to bring relevant topics to the EPS (Enrollment Processing Services) building where over 50 staff members have been able to participate.

Ana also serves as the contact for the Heart Walk and continuously provides fundraising opportunities for the building to contribute. She brings awareness to community issues and coordinated drives and collections for local schools or organizations in need of support. She makes it easy for all of us to contribute a little and the outcome is impactful to the recipient of her kindness.

One year she organized back to school supplies for a local school that provided supplies to kids who otherwise would not have had the needed supplies. Seeing the pictures and hearing the thanks of that community made all of us feel good and continues the momentum when Ana comes knocking at your door for the next project.

Melissa Fils Administrative Assistant | Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine

Melissa was accepted into the 16th Annual Paul Ambrose Scholars Program Student Leadership Symposium where she joined 40 other medical, physician assistant, dental, pharmacy, physical/occupation therapy, public health, and graduate nursing students from across the country who are dedicated to bringing health promotion and preventive approaches to health professions education and their communities.

Melissa attended presentations focused on prevention, healthcare, health policy advocacy, project planning and community organizing to prepare and submit the HPD grant proposal for her project "Honeybee hygiene", which focuses on the underserved community. Melissa is leading the project for the underserved community in Miami Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

Melissa works with the women and children that experience socioeconomic issues, which lead to unemployment, children becoming a ward of the state, and losing their homes. Melissa will implement her community health project focused on one of the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators within the next year.

Josh Appelt Benefits Manager | Office of Human Resources

Josh has implemented and designed new and innovative approaches to communicating information about the benefits packages and open enrollment to the university community, greatly increasing community understanding of the benefits available to them.

Josh continuously puts others before himself, thinking and introducing ways of recognizing and rewarding coworkers. From bringing in snacks to providing departments with stress-relief coloring pages to encourage team bonding.

Candice Leaty Accounting Specialist | Facilities Management

Candice exemplified Community recently through her work with raising money for NSU Day of Giving as well as her leadership to the Facilities Management Heart Walk Team. She planned and executed 3 major Facilities Management wide events for the NSU Day of giving, engaging over 200 employees from all the Facilities Departments, resulting in one of the highest participation rates.

She led the Facilities Management Heart Walk team which exceeded their fund raising goal by 30% thereby allowing them to finish 3rd overall from NSU's 17 teams. During this effort she again brought together all of the Facilities Management departments and numerous community agencies towards a common goals that will save many lives for many years to come.

Candice’s ability to motivate is contagious. She has refreshed and renewed a belief in team work and working towards the greater good. She has reminded us to reach beyond our four walls or limitations and see greater purpose and responsibility that can change the world. Most importantly she has reminded us that we all need each other as we work as 1 NSU towards the same goals.

Grace Telesco Assistant Professor |College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dr. Telesco along with her Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice students created a socio-drama presentation. This group of 8 students performed their sociodrama at the Blanche Elementary School cafeteria in Davie, FL. Dr. Telesco behaved in a manner that not only allowed for collaboration with her students, but created an educational activity to aid our local community!

The sociodrama performed was on anti-bullying. Which potentially leads to decreased violence among students. The sociodrama was WELL received by both Elementary school administrators and the group of 4th and 5th grade student viewers/participants. Dr. Telesco’s students performed this in such a manner to allow the Elementary students to become part of the act. This is a true form of engaging our community as well as NSU undergraduate students.

Travis Searle & David Vanderlaan Locksmith | Facilities Management

I want to commend the Public Safety/Locksmith staff members, Travis Searle and David Vanderlaan for the terrific work they have been doing for HPD Library. They have been more than patient with all of the changes, installations, etc., during our recent extensive renovation project, always responding quickly and pleasantly.

They also handled a difficult situation very well earlier this month when a student was stranded in a study room after a lock broke. They were very efficient and calm in spite of the distress of another student watching the proceedings, and I commend them for the way they conducted themselves.

Both Travis and David have responded rapidly and efficiently to all of the requests for keying and rekeying as we have frequently changed offices, entrances, and study rooms to different locations as the work progressed. Their expertise and adaptability have made our jobs much easier throughout the process, reducing our stress while helping us to provide continuous service to our users. They were always patient in answering questions and explaining procedures to us in a way we could easily understand.

The process continued through two final exam periods as well as through provision of everyday needs of students and staff from eight different colleges with differing schedules and break periods. The students were hardly impacted by the changes in entrance and room usage, thanks in part to the work of these two staff members.

Dominic Bortot Assistant Director, Prospect Management | Advancement and Community Relations

Patricia Rameau is the coordinator of Alumni Relations. She answers questions regarding transcripts, alumni benefits etc. She was on a call with an older alumna who couldn't remember her graduation date.

She turned to Dominic Bortot who is a member of our research team. Dominic researches and provided profiles for prospects and high level donors of the university. He was in the middle of a research report and stopped what he was doing to help Patricia figure out when the woman graduated from NSU.

Less than five minutes later, Dominic identified the woman's exact graduation date from 20 years ago. Dominic's willingness to assist his colleague and his expert research skills solved an alumna's problem and created a positive experience that can enhance NSU's reputation to the community.

Dr. Elaine Wallace Dean | Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dean Wallace demonstrated the core value Community this month during meetings with fellow co-workers and regular interactions with Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine and NSU employees.

Dean Wallace is a true ambassador of NSU: She is engaging, professional, caring, and kind with all of the employees. Her unwavering commitment to NSU is demonstrated further through her actions through leadership and decision making that brings our department to a level of excellence. She promotes a positive atmosphere for employees to flourish in that is unduplicated. I am so very proud to serve KPCOM and NSU under her leadership. I am excited for the future of our team and NSU.

Wendy Gorden Administrative Coordinator III | Research and Technology Transfer

Wendy supports this value of Community through participating in "Moving Day" for Broward County, a walk to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's disease. She has actively been supporting her own efforts by also fundraising for the event and cause.

Not only is Wendy walking and fundraising, she is an active member of the local support group for the Parkinson's Foundation. This foundation raises awareness of Parkinson's Disease and offers support to those that suffer from the disease and the family members that care for them.

Wendy's participation and support of the Parkinson's Foundation, will ultimately help fund invaluable research to find better treatments for Parkinson's Disease that will lead to better lives for every person that is diagnosed with and living with Parkinson's disease every day.

Dr. Eddie (Supanchit) Jitpraphai  Assistant Dean for Administrative Services | Student Affairs

Eddie attends almost every community event that NSU holds. She is always promoting NSU community events, checking in to them on social media, and posting pictures.

She recently volunteer to take official photos at the NSU Libraries StoryFest! on March 4th the morning of the event. She truly embodies the NSU Value of Community! Eddie's behavior shows that she lives the value of community. She not only is embedded in the NSU community, but also works to promote it to others.

Jeremy Katzman Director, PR/Marketing, NSU-MD | University Relations

Ever since Jeremy Katzman came to NSU, he has represented the university well in numerous organizations in Broward County. He has done this while excelling in his job and parenting two young children.

Currently, he serves in a wide range of roles including: Board of Directors, Public Relations Society of America, Ft. Lauderdale Chapter, Treasurer, PRSA Sunshine District, Member of Cooper City Education Advisory Board, and Chairman for Government & Education Day, Leadership Broward

Jeremy’s ongoing involvement in the community in a variety of capacities clearly demonstrates NSU’s values of “Community.” He represents the university exceptionally well as a leader and doer while, at the same time, he improves the community where he lives and works.

Jeremy is not new to taking on leadership roles in the community. Through the years, he has served as President of PRSA, been a class participant in Leadership Broward and was an active volunteer in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Broward County.

Core Value of the Month

March's Core Value is INTEGRITY

What does integrity mean for NSU employees? Employees who...

  • Adheres to policies and practices in order to service stakeholders with honesty and fairness
  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility and operates as a steward of NSU’s resources
  • Openly admits mistakes and takes actions to correct situations or change behavior
  • Holds self-accountable for making principled decisions.
Here are just a few of the Nova Southeastern University family who are being recognized for their dedication to the core value of Integrity.

Liza Sumulong Director, Admissions & Recruitment | Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Liza Sumulong has illustrated integrity through various efforts including recruitment, admissions and corporate development. Liza has presented to various corporate organizations with effective communication and promoting scholarship with opportunities for employees to pursue advanced education.

Just one example is a partnership with American Express who consistently consult with Liza on referring their employees for programs at NSU and she goes out of her way to assist them, even if it is a program not within her college.

Through her various efforts she has supported the university’s mission for increasing enrollment of new students in her college and often times at others through the corporate development partnerships she has started and maintained.

Bibi Zid Accounting Administrator | Facilities Management

Bibi is always willing to help and has stepped up several times in our department's time of need, doing her job along with additional responsibilities while a key position was being filled. She is a true value to our department. She is a proud Nova Southeastern employee and always tries to do what is right.

Bibi's integrity is amazing. She works based on her principles and values and does not do anything that will compromise her integrity. She is an asset to NSU and is always there when you need her. It does not matter if you are a student, co-worker, or faculty, she is always willing to help.

Teri Williams Director of Experiential Education & Learning (ExEL) | Experiential Education and Learning

Dr. Teri Williams has illustrated integrity through her work ethic to improve the prospective students understanding of the Experiential Education & Learning program(ExEL). With integrity, she has engaged with our internal community of faculty members, current students, and prospective students to educate and assist, and even certify for experiential education.

She has utilized effective communication and in short timeframe developed policies and procedures that will prepare our NSU students to graduate with a competitive advantage: an e-portfolio and enhanced experiences that include: faculty mentored research, travel exploration, leadership, and more.

Efraim Hernandez Senior Director of Advancement Services | Advancement and Community Relations

Efraim made sure that before leaving the office for a week's vacation that data was available to run necessary reports during his absence. This made it possible made it possible for myself and ACR Associate Director Allison Shambora to prepare reports for our Vice President's upcoming meeting with the NSU Advancement Committee.

Giovanna Stincer Associate Head of School | University School

Giovanna Stincer is my supervisor and is also the person who nominated me for the NSU Emerging Leader Program. She is the model of what an NSU employee should be and always has the University's best interest at heart.

Ms. Stincer instills confidence in me every day. She supports all of her employees, listens to their concerns, ideas and needs and makes everyone feel like a valued employee.Giovanna leads by example and because of that I want to do my best each and every day to reward her for believing in me. I love coming to work each day, she has made the work environment one in which I feel valued every day and excited to always come to work.

Alyssa Rothman Director, Project Manager | PR & Marketing Communications

Alyssa Rothman has recently led efforts to host the Holocaust Reflection contest. Alyssa tackled this invite primarily on her own with little oversight and involved a student worker so they could enhance their portfolio.

Alyssa demonstrated consistent work ethic and engagement with the community through effective communication to bring about an event that involved developing a process to review over 1,300 entries to identify winners for the event. Through this event via Alyssa’s efforts, middle and high school students had a unique opportunity to reflect on the Holocaust, participate in an experience that will forever change their lives, exposure to NSU’s Holocaust Reflection room and scholarship for winning participants.

Diana Ortiz-Rios Director, Employee Services | College of Dental Medicine

 An employee who has known Diana for over 10 years wrote: “Since day one, I admired her knowledge in the HR/Finance field and her integrity. Diana always conducts herself with complete openness, transparency and with a strong sense of ensuring that she is doing the right thing.”

She leads by example and continuously works to ensure all employees are conducting themselves with integrity and doing the right thing.

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