Transcript/Diploma Hold

A Transcript/Diploma Hold is placed on a student's account if the account shows an outstanding balance at the start of the semester. It ONLY prevents students from receiving a diploma or an official transcript. It does not prevent a student from accessing any other university services, nor is the Transcript/Diploma Hold associated with a fee. The Bursar's Office will send a courtesy email notice, notifying the student when a Transcript/Diploma Hold has been placed.

Bursar Hold

A Bursar Hold is placed on a student's account on the 30th day of the semester if a balance is still due. The Bursar Hold prevents students from obtaining grades, registering for classes, and accessing the University RecPlex until the balance is paid in full. In addition, a $100 late fee is placed on the student's account. Once payment for all outstanding balances has been received by the Bursar's Office and the student account shows a zero balance, the hold will be automatically lifted within one business day.

Please note: A Bursar Hold will prevent student services such as the release of official transcripts, diplomas, grades, access to the University RecPlex, and future registration for classes.

Other Holds

Other University entities, such as the University Registrar's Office or your program office, may place a hold on your account for different reasons. Please contact the office that initiated the hold (as displayed on your account within WebSTAR) to discuss what requirements must be met to have the hold removed.