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NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Exams evaluate knowledge of a foreign language and assign points equivalent to undergraduate credits at U.S. colleges. Dictionaries and other reference materials may not be used. The test does not require knowledge of technical terms or specialized vocabulary. If you are interested in completing this exam, please contact Testing Services prior to registration. Students should expect the entire testing process to take between 2-3 months.

The 12-Point Exam (Maximum for NSU Students)

The 12-point exam tests three skills -- listening, reading, and writing -- that are necessary for everyday communication tasks. Students are tested on listening comprehension, translation to and from English, and skills in writing in the tested language. Test formats vary and may include short answer, multiple choice, and other types of questions. The 12-point exam is two hours long.

The 16-Point Exam 

The 16-point exam is the same as the 12-point exam, except with the addition of a 350-word essay on a more complex subject. In this section, students are required to write about abstract ideas, support an argument, hypothesize, and write in longer paragraphs. The 16-point exam is three hours long. Please note the maximum amount of credit hours Nova Southeastern University will accept is 12. Visit Transfer Evaluation Services for additional details.


Official exam results will be mailed to the designated institution up to seven weeks after the test is taken. Students will receive an unofficial copy of the letter.

For more information about NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Exams, including a list of languages tested, visit NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Exam Information.

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