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Engaging Your Audience

The most effective way to engage visitors on your Facebook "Wall" is to keep your content fresh and updated regularly. Share news, events, images, videos or even ask a question via Facebook Questions option to gauge your visitors' interest or to elicit feedback on a particular subject or idea. Keep in mind, you shouldn't write too much or too little; just tell them what they need to know and what you expect in return.

The best way to keep your "followers" engaged is to post regularly with updates, events, celebrations, etc. Be sure to monitor your account, checking all @mentions and DMs (Direct Messages), and respond to all questions received or comments received via either of these channels. More importantly, if someone asks you a question and they do not get a reply, that could reflect poorly on your account as well as NSU as other followers might be waiting for the same information.

Engage your followers, as well, if you see something relevant to NSU. We recommend you do this at least one day or throughout the day, every few hours or so. This may seem daunting, but there are many tools available online to help you manage Twitter such as Hootsuite.

By tweeting frequently, you keep your NSU Twitter account current and fresh as well as extending the NSU brand. This will keep your followers engaged as well. Remember, whenever you tweet, people will follow. If you don't, they won't.

The best way to keep your fans engaged is to keep your content fresh and updated. Post new videos to your channel regularly and follow with one or two per month on the same schedule so your subscribers know when to expect new content. You can load as many videos to your channel as you desire, so the sky's the limit. Plus, there are two ways to organize them via "Favorites" or "Playlists." These options will help you feature selected content and structure their order of play. Additionally, it will expose visitors to new content they may not have necessarily been searching for.

"Favorites" will allow you to prominently "feature" your top SIX or TWELVE videos in your channel. Just click on the "Arrange" option and drag your videos into the box. "Playlists" allow you to include up to 200 videos in one Playlist that will play videos consecutively and in any order you dictate. There's a tutorial on YouTube that will guide you through the steps to create your Playlist.

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