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Records Management and Surplus Property

Policies and Procedures

Records Management and Destruction Policy

  • Records Management and Destruction Policy
    This is the original full policy with attachments.  Please note that the revised retention schedule (Attachment A) is posted below. The policy will display bookmarks with plus and minus controls to expand and collapse content when navigating through the hierarchy when using Firefox or Internet Explorer.


Policy Attachments:

  Attachment A

Use this document to determine the required retention period by record category as well as the Office of Record and Record Code for each.


  • Records Retention Schedule Index -pending update 03/2024


      microsoft-excel-icon-1.png  NSU Records Inventory - Box Level Bulk Upload Form (2024)

      microsoft-excel-icon-1.png  NSU Records Inventory - File Level Bulk Upload Form (2024) 



Department Designees

We are developing a formal network of department coordinators designated by NSU leadership to coordinate records management for each NSU department or center. Department Designee responsibilities include:

  1. Affirm that all departmental employees are informed about, understand, and accept NSU policies and procedures related to records in their direct custody or under their direct supervision.
  2. Collaborate with the Records Manager on retention requirements, review and revise the NSU retention schedule as needed, and identify unscheduled records.
  3. Ensure departmental compliance with the retention schedule and related policies, procedures, guidelines, or directives.
  4. Work with the Records Manager to resolve questions or confusion about the interpretation or implementation of records policies and procedures.
  5. Respond immediately to legal or administrative notification of holds on destruction of records relevant to litigation, government investigation, audits, or other legal or administrative matters.
  6. Work with the Records Manager to identify and periodically review records management requirements, problems, and departmental concerns.
  7. Identify and document records management training requirements for departmental employees.

If you have questions about records management, contact

If you have questions about surplus property or dedicated storage, contact

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