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Preparing Campus Mail

Interoffice Mail

Any documents being sent from one department to another must be enclosed in a reusable interoffice envelope, which can be handwritten or addressed using labels. Please minimize the use of any other envelopes.   Please note: blue interoffice envelopes should only be used for critical EPS documents.

For the Mail Center to sort and deliver interoffice mail quickly and efficiently, we ask that the faculty and staff follow the below criteria:

  • List the recipient's name and department code clearly and legibly. (Note: Remember to block out the previous/prior mailing information on the interoffice envelope).
  • List the sender’s name and department code in the event the mail must be returned to the sender.
  • Interoffice packages should be packed and sealed properly and include a label with the date, sender’s name, recipient’s name, and the department.
  • Please do not interoffice envelopes containing cash or valuables.

Your cooperation will ensure the timely and safe delivery of your interoffice mail to its destination.

Interoffice Mail is delivered within the Main Campus and to the following locations:

East Campus

Griffin Road (Speech, Language & Communication)

Oceanographic Center

Downtown Fort Lauderdale (Museum of Art and MoA Plaza)

North Miami Beach

All interoffice mail to/from the Kendall Regional Campus is bundled daily and sent overnight via FedEx.  Please send all interoffice mail intended for Kendall to the Main Mailroom where it will be packaged with other mail and sent to Kendall.  Mail from Kendall to the Main Campus should be sent to Sharon Blake who will prepare the northbound daily shipment.  Once the FedEx shipment is received in the Main Mailroom, it will be distributed to the intended recipients on the next regularly scheduled mail run.

Bulk Mailings

Main Campus & Off-Campus locations:

Departments planning bulk interoffice mailings should notify Mail Services in advance. For assistance in coordinating such mailings, please call the Mail Center at (954) 262-8873.


Arrowmail is the authorized contractor for NSU bulk mailings.  The services of Arrowmail are coordinated through the NSU mailroom.  If you have any questions about their services, please contact the Mail Services Manager at (954) 262-8873.

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