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Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus Parking

Parking Legend

  • University Park Plaza
  • NSU Community Parking Only
  • Staff Parking
  • Residence Hall Parking
  • Patient Parking
  • Visitors Parking
  • Private Parking
  • Special Event Parking
  • Lot Available to Visitors after 5pm
  • Public Parking after 6pm w/Fee
  • ADA Parking Spaces

No. Building LoT
1 Sanford L. Ziff Clinic P21
2 HPD Dental P21
3 Health Professions Division (Terry Building) P18/P19/P20
4 HPD Assembly Building P18/P19/P20
5 University Park Plaza P17
6 Speech and Audiology Clinic P16
7 Administrative Services Building P16
8 Jim and Jan Moran Family Center P14/P15/P16
9 A.D. Griffin Sports Complex P21
10 Miami Dolphins Indoor Training Facility P22/P23
11 Miami Dolphins Training Facility P22/P23
12 HPD Parking Structure P20
13 Athletic Fields P24
14 University School Middle Division (Dauer Building) P24/P34
15 Central Plant
16 University School Classrooms
17 New Lower School
18 University School Lower Division P13
19 Competition Pool P12
20 Overflow Parking Area P12
21 Transit Center P28
22 Library Parking Structure P37
23 Parker Building P26/P37
24 Parker Science Laboratory Annex P26/P37
25 University School Upper Division (Sonken Building) P26/P37
26 University School Modular P25
27 University School Sports Center P24
28 Central Services Building P11
29 Carl DeSantis Building P29/P30
30 Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall P31/P32
31 Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology Center P37
32 University Center Performing Arts Building P37
33 Rosenthal Student Center P6/P7/P37
34 University Center P6/P7/P9/P10/P36/P37
35 University Center Basketball Courts/Pool P6/P7/P37
36 Founders’ Hall P5
37 Farquhar Hall P5
38 Vettel Hall P5
39 Central Plant
40 Cultural Living Center P4/P5
41 The Commons Residence Hall P4
42 Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall P4
43 University Intramural Fields P3
44 Athletic and Student Affairs P7/P8
45 Mailman Hollywood Building P3/P7
46 Horvitz Administration Building P1/P2
47 Maltz Psychology Building P33
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