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Syllabus Management System

The Syllabus Management System was built to support the One NSU Vision through core values of innovation, academic excellence and student centered support. This web accessible tool enables each college to automatically include course and college information, thus ensuring data consistency for Accreditation, College, and NSU standards across all syllabus. Each syllabus also has faculty content areas for updating as needed. The final syllabus is a pdf document generated by the application and made accessible through student systems for use in courses for ease of access. 

Application Highlights

  1. Centralized repository and archive of syllabi
  2. Custom templates created by each College
  3. Course and section information pulled automatically from Banner
  4. NSU, College, Program, Course and Section level information
  5. Information roll over each term except for section information
  6. Built in notes for sample content and guidance per template
  7. Endorsement functionality for syllabus editors to signify completion
  8. Automatic generated link from the learning management system (LMS)  to respective syllabus PDFs


Step by step walkthrough document for Faculty and Course Leads


Breakdown by the 2 main editor access levels depending on your college setup. Below are links to the respective tutorial videos:


How to access?

Syllabus Management System is available via AppCentral. For instructors with courses in multiple colleges you may have more than one syllabus manager application available. This is necessary because each college may have different permission levels granted. You will find your courses under each respective syllabus manager application.

If you do not have access too AppCentral or do not see a college Syllabus Management that you should have access to then please contact your college chair or program lead and they will be able to get you the access needed.

Who should I contact regarding questions on content and endorsements?

Contact your College or Program office. Staff at each College have been appointed to handle content changes and endorsements. Click here to view a list of support staff.


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