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Consulting Services


The NSU MD Statistical Consulting Center (NMSCC) provides assistance in the design of experiments and sample surveys, advice on statistical analyses, and expertise on recent developments in statistical research. Proper statistical design and analysis play a key role in producing quality research. The best time to seek statistical consulting is during the earliest stages of the research project, and before any data collection stage. Faculty members and graduate students from any discipline are welcome.

The NSU MD Statistical Consulting Center’s goal is to employ our expertise in statistical analysis and research design to provide expedient and understandable answers to your questions or problems. We are experienced in statistical data analysis, sampling methods, statistical modeling, regression analysis, analysis of variances, design of experiments, risk estimation, reliability analysis, statistical graphics design, statistical software training, statistical management, nonlinear modeling, multivariate analysis, general and generalized linear models, econometrics, psychometrics, item response theory, and structural equation modeling.

The NMSCC can also be written into grants for statistical consultation. Some statistical consulting is also available for clients outside the University on a fee-for-service basis.


Careful design of data collection is the proper basis for statistical analysis. A typical analysis will involve data exploration, model formulation, model fitting, checking, and finally data summary and interpretation.

Below is a list of services provided:

  • Identify and employ the most appropriate research design/statistical analysis to answer your questions
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Outcome assessment
  • Survey construction and research
  • Sampling and data collection
  • Organize/interpret messy data
  • Outcome assessment
  • Statistical quality assurance
  • Advice and assistance in the use of statistical software
  • Training sessions and workshops


Typical projects are billed at $150.00 per hour; however, the hourly rate is negotiable. For example, a basic statistical analysis with minimal interpretation is billed at $100.00/hour. A separate reimbursement rate will be needed for presentations.

For projects that require more statistical services than NMSCC can offer without charge, NMSCC and its staff are available to submit joint, collaborative research grant/contract proposals or to enter into subcontract agreements. Such agreements might cover any or all of the various statistical/quantitative aspects of the research. 

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