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Timeline Followback Forms

The following forms are intended to help individuals complete Timeline Followback calendars for a multiple of different behaviors (i.e., alcohol-use, drug-use, cigarette-use, internet-use).

MAPI Linguistic Validations of the Timeline Followback

TLFB AMPLEXOR/Foreign Exchange Translation Certificate

Non-MAPI Translations of the Timeline Followback

Computerized PC and MAC TLFB Programs: Separate instructions are included in each program for administrators and respondents. If you have further questions after using a program or find problems with a program please email us.

TO BE ADDED SOON Excel TLFB programs for use with collateral informants

*Note: The Timeline Followback paper and pencil assessment forms and the TLFB excel computerized programs are copyrighted but can be downloaded and used without charge. There are 2 requirements: (1) do not alter the forms or programs without permission, and (2) appropriately acknowledge that the forms and programs are copyrighted.

Computerized TLFB Programs for Interviewing Collaterals/Significant Others

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