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Selecting Your Major

NSU has a variety of programs to choose from which can be explored with your academic advisor. There are various advisement resources that we use to help you in course selection and planning. Please visit the Undergraduate majors and minors link:

Here are some tips to consider when selecting your major. Be sure to discuss the following when you speak with your academic advisor,

  • Consider exploring educational and career-related interests and goals
  • Discuss alternatives to any one major study area. Consider choosing a minor, double major, or double minor
  • Course selection and sequencing
  • Help in maintaining progress within your major

Career Development

As part of the process, we encourage you to think analytically about the direction and the purpose of your education, and to work towards developing lifelong decision-making skills.

  • Freshman year - explore all the possibilities, selecting your classes in your general education program
  • Sophomore year - research information about careers, talk with professors, get involved in professional associations on campus.
  • Junior year - learn more with internships if this applies to your major, or volunteer. Aim for outstanding academic performance.
  • Senior year - make a career decision, explore graduate school, get letters of reference from professors, contact Career Services!

Use your first year to explore options. Investigate potential majors with professors in various departments and your academic advisor. Select courses that fulfill general education requirements and expose you to majors that interest you. This is a time in which you can focus on courses that seem most interesting, and a time to try new things.

Meet with your academic advisor each semester and share your thoughts about possible majors. Discuss strategies for exploring options during your academic planning meetings.

Get involved! Active participation in campus and community activities will help you better realize and understand your strengths, interests, and skills.

After the first year, work with your academic advisor to narrow down your choices and make a decision on a major. For further guidance and resources on choosing and pursuing a career, contact the Office of Career Development. By the end of your sophomore year, you should select a program of study. Delaying this decision further can delay your graduation.

There are many other resources and services available that may be related to your area of interest. Please take advantage of all the opportunities that NSU has to offer.

"Change of Major/Minor" or "Change of School" forms are available at the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center on the third floor of the Mailman-Hollywood Building on the main campus. If you need assistance with these forms, you can make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.

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