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Employee Training to Prevent, Report, & Respond to Sexual Misconduct

Nova Southeastern University is committed to ensuring that we provide a safe campus environment for all of our students to be able to learn, free from discrimination. In addition to the information provided in new employee orientation, NSU provides primary prevention education in the form of an interactive online training course: 2020-2021 Sexual Misconduct Prevention for Employees. This training addresses: the campus sexual misconduct policy, definitions of violations and related crimes, NSU’s policies and procedures, and information on bystander intervention and risk reduction, including employees' responsibilities to report information to the Title IX Coordinator. The training has been recently updated and relaunched to the campus community for completion by March 26, 2021.  Employees can find the training located in NSU Careers under "My Mandatory Activities".  New employees will be automatically enrolled into this online training course and will have 90 days from their date of hire to complete it. 

Common Errors

Some employees are reporting an error when acknowledging the policy towards the end of the training. This can occur due to browser/pop-ups settings. Click on the icon below for the help video. The video below should address the problem, but if you are still having difficulty, please email

If you are stuck at the sign-off, 

click the icon below to launch

the help video. TIX Training Icon

Below, we've provided a listing of other Frequently Asked Questions related to the primary prevention training assigned to all NSU employees. Feel free to direct any other questions related to this training to

  • Log into NSU Careers by opening it from the NSU Applications within SharkLink.
  • Hover over the "About Me" tab at the top and then click on "Development Plan". 
  • Locate the training entitled 2020-21 Sexual Misconduct Prevention for Employees on the "In progress/upcoming tab.
  • Click on the name of the training to expand it. Click on the button located below the training entitled "Learn Now". If you don't see the Learn Now button, watch the video to assist you. 
  • A new window will open up as you enter the training program. You may want to close other windows and programs on your computer while you complete the training as interruptions can pause the progress of the program. You can pause at any time and return to the same place you left off. 

In addition to meeting federal compliance requirements, this training informs employees about the requirements to prevent and report sexual misconduct. When employees don’t complete this training, they may not know what is expected of them which creates risk to both the employee and NSU.  Even if you have attended an in-person Title IX related training, you are still expected to complete this online version. 

There is usually a very simple reason for this. If you come to a point in the training where the "Next" button is completely grayed out and unresponsive to a click of the mouse, take the time to thoroughly review the current screen (or the one immediately preceding). It is likely that you have missed a hyperlink, tab, or video which must be reviewed before advancing. 

  • If you are receiving this error at the Policy Acknowledgement stage, there appears to be a glitch that occurs sometimes in Chrome, where you are directed to the original Launch window instead of the Policy Acknowledgement, which is still open. Watch this video to learn how to find the open tab. 
  • Make sure that you are able to view the entire window - there are some sections that require you to click on a highlighted tab or button that is near the edge of the window. You may need to scroll to find these if your window is smaller than the training viewing area. 
  • Make sure that pop-ups are enabled.
  • Close the program and return, using a different browser if possible. Your progress will be saved. 

NSU does not require you to provide a hard copy certificate of completion, unless your supervisor requests it. NSU Careers will track your completion. 

Yes. It is critical that faculty know their duties to report incidents as responsible employees when they learn about sexual misconduct, including incidents that happen off-campus, because students often confide in them. In addition, faculty have the additional responsibility of preventing and addressing sexual harassment in their classrooms.

Yes. Title IX and the campus sexual misconduct policy applies to all of NSU’s campuses and programs, regardless of geographic location, so all employees need to participate in the training. 

Yes. NSU’s University School is subject to Title IX and all University School employees must take this training. 

Yes. All faculty, including adjunct, are responsible employees and are expected to prevent and respond appropriately to sexual misconduct. Students often disclose incidents to their faculty members, regardless of adjunct or full-time status, and this training helps you learn how to respond and report. 

Some temporary employees will be required to complete the training through NSU Careers. If a student might reasonably assume that you have responsibility to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, you may need to complete the training. If your role at NSU has very little student interaction, you may not be obligated to complete the training. The Title IX Coordinator or your supervisor will identify those employees who need to complete the training, such as all University School employees, Student Affairs employees and others who interact frequently with students. If you are a temporary employee who does not have access to NSU Careers, please speak with your supervisor to see if your department can host a Title IX related training to ensure you receive the information. 

The training estimated to take less an hour to complete. The estimated time frame presume that the course is the user’s singular focus and doesn’t account for the myriad of distractions that many of us face in the performance of our daily duties. The training will pause if you try to multitask while completing it, which will extend the time it takes for you to complete it.  For some users, the training may take longer to complete than estimated.

Please be advised, you do not need to complete it all at one time.  Your progress will be saved after each section. It is recommended that you return to the training via Sharklink and NSU Careers as oppose to relying on your browser history. 

You do not need to complete it in one sitting. The training saves your progress after each section so you can take breaks and pick up where you left off. 

Yes. There are interactive features and questions throughout the program. These will pause if you click away from the program which can delay your completion. Any answers you provide are shared with NSU in aggregate and anonymous form. You will need to answer the scenario questions correctly to advance. 

Reports will be run by the Office of Human Resources. All current students and employees have been directed by Dr. Hanbury to complete the training by March 26, 2021. 

Every NSU employee is only required to take this particular training only once. You may have completed a similar training before but this is an updated version, compliance with changes to Title IX regulations that were effective in August 2020. 

You should have access to the program no later than two weeks after your first date of employment. If you still do not have access by this time, please contact us at so we can assist you. 

No, once you have completed the training you cannot access it again unless you have been manually re-added to the course. You can find much of the content on the Title IX website, or you can contact the Title IX Coordinator directly with any questions or to learn more. 

Failure to complete the training can put you and NSU at risk. Aside from compliance concerns, you will be missing our on critical information you need in order to respond appropriately if you learn about possible sexual misconduct affecting a student. This training also informs you of your reporting requirements under NSU policy and federal law.   If you are a new employee, you are expected to complete it as part of your initial 90-day review process. 

  • If you have questions about the training, contact Laura Bennett, NSU’s Title IX Coordinator, at with any questions or concerns.
  • If you need help with logging onto NSU Careers, Sharklink, and/or Canvas, please access the OIIT Support Portal to submit a ticket.

Students take a comparable but different version of the training designed to inform them of their rights and bystander intervention strategies.If you happen to be an employee who has also decided to become an NSU student, you are also expected to complete the student version of the training in Canvas.  

Yes. The online training is required for all NSU employees. In-person trainings are provided in addition to address unique departmental needs, as a follow up to this training, or as a more in-depth training on a particular topic, and can be catered to your department or office. Contact if you would like to schedule a customized training for your department.
The training is designed for a broad audience and the opportunity to complete it virtually should minimize the risk of triggering past experiences. However, if you have concerns, please contact the Title IX Coordinator to discuss your needs. It is important that you know the information in the training, so that you can respond and report incidents that come to your attention to ensure students receive access to resources and supports. 

You can learn more about NSU’s Title IX policy and procedures as well as on-going awareness programs available to students, staff, and faculty at  

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