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Employee Training to Prevent, Report, & Respond to Sexual Misconduct


*** IMPORTANT NOTE: With the recent release of new Title IX Regulations, the training content for the online sexual harassment prevention training course will be updated. For this purpose, the training program has been temporarily disabled. All NSU employees will be automatically enrolled in the training course once the content has been updated in early Fall 2020. Please contact your H.R. Contact or the NSU Title IX Team ( with questions.***


Nova Southeastern University is committed to ensuring that we provide a safe campus environment for all of our students to be able to learn, free from discrimination. In addition to the information provided in new employee orientation, NSU provides primary prevention education in the form of an interactive online training courses: Intersections~Preventing Discrimination & Harassment (for non-supervisors) and Intersections~Supervisor Anti-Harassment (for supervisors). This training addresses: the campus sexual misconduct policy, definitions of violations and related crimes, NSU’s policies and procedures after an incident occurs, and information on bystander intervention and risk reduction. 

Starting in Fall 2017, consistent with federal laws (Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, the Higher Education Act of 1965, and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013), all NSU employees are required to complete this training as a part of NSU’s primary prevention efforts against sexual violence and sexual misconduct. If you are a full-time or regular part-time employee, you may launch the training on the SharkTalent Management platform (accessible via your SharkLink account). If you are an adjunct faculty member or temporary employee, you can access the training via CanvasNew employees are automatically enrolled into this online training course and will have 90 days from their date of hire to complete it. 

Below, we've provided a listing of Frequently Asked Questions related to the primary prevention training assigned to all NSU employees. Feel free to direct any questions related to this training to

In addition to meeting federal compliance requirements, this training informs employees about the requirements to prevent and report sexual misconduct. When employees don’t complete this training, they may not know what is expected of them which creates risk to both the employee and NSU.  Even if you have attended an in-person Title IX related training, you are still expected to complete this online version. 

  • Full-time and part-time faculty and staff: to launch this training, log in to Sharklink click on the Human Resources link on the leftside menu. Near the middle of the page, click on Go to SharkTalent. You may need to type in your NSU password again. Locate the My Training menu on the left-hand side and click on the words My Training. When you see the correct course (either Intersections: Supervisor Anti-Harassment (EDU-US) or Intersections: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (EDU-US), click the Launch button on the right. 
  • Adjunct faculty and temporary employees: to launch the training, log into Canvas at Search for "Intersections" and select the correct course. 
  • For supervisors/managers of full-time and part-time employees, the training is called “Intersections: Supervisor Anti-Harassment (EDU-US)”. For all other employees, the training is called “Intersections: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (EDU-US).”
  • A new window will open up as you enter the training program. You may want to close other windows and programs on your computer while you complete the training as interruptions will pause the progress of the program. You can pause at any time and return to the same place you left off. 

There is usually a very simple reason for this. If you come to a point in the training where the "Next" button is completely grayed out and unresponsive to a click of the mouse, take the time to thoroughly review the current screen (or the one immediately preceding). It is likely that you have missed a hyperlink, tab, or video which must be reviewed before advancing. 

If you are certain that the screen has frozen, please consider the following troubleshooting options before submiting a ticket through the OI2T Support Portal.

  • Use Chrome browser if you have been attempting to use Internet Explorer, Edge, or a different browser. 
  • Make sure that pop-ups are enabled. 
  • Make sure that you are able to view the entire window - there are some sections that require you to click on a highlighted tab or button that is near the edge of the window. You may need to scroll to find these if your window is smaller than the training viewing area. 

There are several things that may cause this. If you have tried all the following and are still having difficulties, please Access the OI2T Support Portal to submit a ticket.

  • Use Chrome browser if you have been attempting to use Internet Explorer, Edge, or a different browser. 
  • Make sure that pop-ups are enabled. 
  • Make sure that you are able to view the entire window - there are some sections that require you to click on a highlighted tab or button that is near the edge of the window. You may need to scroll to find these if your window is smaller than the training viewing area. 

NSU does not require you to provide a hard copy certificate of completion, unless your supervisor requests it. Both SharkTalent and Canvas track completion. However, if you would like to print from SharkTalent, follow these steps: 

  1. From the SharkTalent Welcome Page, on the Learning tab dropdown, select View Your Transcript
  2. On the Transcript page, open the first training filter dropdown labelled Active and select Completed
  3. On the Completed Trainings Page, locate the training by name and select the button View Completion Page
  4. On the Training Completion Page, click on the option View My Certificate
  5. Follow your regular processes to print to a printer and/or safe the certificate as a PDF. 
You can self-enroll in the training via the Canvas platform or you can contact Desmond Daniels at or 954-262-7863 to be enrolled. NOTE: Full-time and part-time employees with access to SharkTalent should NOT complete the course in Canvas. If you are having trouble accessing it in SharkTalent, please review the other FAQ and get assistance if you are not able to access it yourself after initial troubleshooting. 

No – the programs must be accessed on a desktop computer as SharkTalent and Canvas are not accessible on mobile platforms. 

Yes. It is critical that faculty know their duties to report incidents as responsible employees when they learn about sexual misconduct, including incidents that happen off-campus, because students often confide in them. In addition, faculty have the responsibility of preventing and addressing sexual harassment in their classrooms.

Yes. Title IX and the campus sexual misconduct policy applies to all of NSU’s campuses and programs, regardless of geographic location, so all employees need to participate in the training. 

Yes. NSU’s University School is subject to Title IX and all University School employees must take this training. 

Yes. All faculty, including adjunct, are responsible employees and are expected to prevent and respond appropriately to sexual misconduct.

Some temporary employees will be required to complete the training and it is available to all temporary employees through Canvas. If a student might reasonably assume that you have responsibility to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, you likely need to complete the training. If your role at NSU has very little student interaction, you may not be obligated to complete the training. The Title IX Coordinator or your supervisor will identify those employees who need to complete the training, such as all University School employees, Student Affairs employees and others who interact frequently with students. If you are a temporary employee who wishes to take the training but you don't see it in your Canvas, you can self-enroll in the course. 

The training for supervisors is estimated to take approximately two hours to complete online, and the training for other employees is estimated to take between 1-2 hours to complete. These estimated time frames presume that the one coursework is the user’s singular focus and doesn’t account for the myriad of distractions that many of us face in the performance of our daily duties. The training will pause if you try to multitask while completing it, which will extend the time it takes for you to complete it.  For some users, the training may take longer to complete than estimated, here.

Please be advised, you do not need to complete it all at one time. You may also take as long as you need to complete the training and return to it as often as you require for completion. It is recommended that you return to the training via Sharklink and SharkTalent, as oppose to relying on your browser history. 

Yes. The training saves your progress so you can take breaks and pick up where you left off. You do not need to complete it all at one time. 

Yes. There are interactive features and questions throughout the program. 

Supervisors can view whether their employees have completed it, and HR Contacts have access to review reports to monitor their area’s compliance with this Presidential and legal mandate.  You can view your own progress within SharkTalent or Canvas. In Shark Talent, on the Learning tab dropdown, click on View Your Transcript. If you are assigned to the training but have not yet completed it, it will still be listed when the first dropdown reads Active. If you have completed it during this current fiscal year, you will find it listed under the dropdown Completed. For trainings completed in a prior year, select the Archived dropdown and the training should show that you have completed it. 

No. Every NSU employee is only required to take this particular training once. However, if you completed the training as an employee and then are promoted to become a supervisor, you will then need to complete the training designed for supervisors within your first 90 days in that new role. 

No. This is a training experience separate and apart from that included as part of new employee orientation. The comprehensive and interactive content addresses the campus sexual misconduct policy, definitions of violations and related crimes, NSU’s policies and procedures after an incident occurs, and information on bystander intervention and risk reduction.

If you are a full-time or part-time employee, please access it through SharkTalent. If you are an adjunct faculty member or temporary employee, you can access the training on Canvas.   

You should have access to the program no later than two weeks after your first date of employment. If you still do not have access by this time, please contact us at so we can assist you. 

Yes. Reviewing the content in SharkTalent after completion requires a few easy steps: From the Shark Talent Welcome Page, click on the “Learning” tab, then select “View Your Transcript” from the dropdown. On the “Transcript” page, open the training filter dropdown (find and click “Active”), then select “Completed.” Find the course titled, “Intersections….” in this list of your completed courses. Click to the right of the “View Completion Page” link, select “Launch” from the dropdown.

Before the program launches, you will be prompted to decide between reviewing the course or re-taking the course. Select the option to review the course. When “Intersections” launches, you may use the “Menu” icon on the top right to move through the curriculum at your own will and pace. 

If all of the positions that report to you are currently vacant, you will be assigned to the training for employees until such time that you have direct reports. At that time, you will be automatically assigned to the supervisor training in SharkTalent. In addition, at this time employees who solely supervise students or temporary employees are assigned to the course for non-supervisors. If you are an adjunct or temporary employee and you would like to take the course for supervisors, you can self-enroll in the supervisor course in Canvas. 

Our main concern is that you will be missing our on critical information you need in order to respond appropriately if you learn about possible sexual misconduct affecting a student. This training also informs you of your reporting requirements under NSU policy and federal law. Failure to complete the training can put you and NSU at risk. To encourage completion, you will receive reminders to complete the training this semester. In addition, your HR Contact can review whether or not you have completed it, and Supervisors can see their full-time and part-time employees' progress in SharkTalent.  Department/Center Heads will be responsible for promoting compliance, such as incorporating this into the FY19 performance review process. If you are a new employee, you are expected to complete it as part of your initial 90-day review process. 

Supervisors can see if a particular full-time or part-time employee has completed the training in SharkTalent by clicking on the “My Team” tab and then the Employee’s Card. From there, click on Profile and Transcript to see the status of any assigned trainings. In addition, HR Contacts can access the completion reports in SharkTalent, and will be provided with access to completion reports from Canvas.  

  • If you have questions about the training, contact Laura Bennett, NSU’s Title IX Coordinator, at with any questions or concerns.
  • If you need help with logging onto SharkLink and/or Canvas, please access the OI2T Support Portal to submit a ticket.

Starting in Winter 2018, graduate and undergraduate students will complete a comparable training designed especially for them. If you have students who are temporary employees or who you would like to have complete the training, you can direct them to self-enroll in the course through Canvas. 

Yes. The online training is required for all NSU employees. In-person trainings are provided in addition to address unique departmental needs, as a follow up to this training, or as a more in-depth training on a particular topic, and can be catered to your department or office. Contact if you would like to schedule one of these for your department.
The training provider, EverFi, is nationally recognized and used by numerous colleges and universities across the country. If you completed this training after December 31, 2016, at another institution, you can email your certificate of completion to and the Title IX Coordinator will accept that as completion of this training requirement upon verifying its accuracy. You should still review NSU's Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy, resources, and procedures, as they are likely different from the institution where you received the initial training. If you completed any other related training provided by a different company other than EverFi, you will still need to complete NSU's online training.

If you are still receiving reminder emails about the training, it is likely because SharkTalent has no record of your completion of the program. To remedy this matter, you need only re-launch the training via SharkTalent (in Review Mode only). Step-by-step instructions are provided, below:

Log into SharkTalent via the "Human Resources" page in your Sharklink account. On the SharkTalent homepage, hover your cursor over the Learning tab. Click View Your Transcript. Your "Active" trainings should appear as a list on this screen. Launch the appropriate Intersections course by clicking the down arrow on the blue and clicking "Launch." On the next page, chose the option to Review Course Only. Do NOT choose the option to Retake Course. When the course launches, it should land on a page titled "Course Complete." This log-in should trigger a completion in SharkTalent.

You can learn more about NSU’s Title IX policy and procedures as well as on-going awareness programs available to students, staff, and faculty at  

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