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Dr. Poland, Co-Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office, created this important video on the issue of self-injury. In "Self-Injury: Testimony, Insight, and Critical Issues," participants will gain insight into the incidence of self-injury and associated risk factors, the new breed of self-injury, the relationship between self-injury and suicide, and major theories related to self-injury. Focus will also be on hearing from those who have struggled with self-injury. Open the "Training Videos" tab to watch the video now.

Composer and Performer of "Beauty that Remains": Shawn Snyder

Responding to “13 Reasons Why”: Recommendations for International School Counselors, a webinar hosted by the International School Counselor Association (ISCA), highlights the primary downfalls of the Netflix original Series 13 Reasons Why. Additionally. Dr. Scott Poland reviews the warning signs of suicide, emphasizes the importance of establishing a suicide prevention team at schools, and stresses the need for teachers to know the facts about suicide risk. Dr. Poland also outlines the questions that are vital for school counselors to ask. The hour-long webinar can be viewed at

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