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Student Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone in the NSU community is encouraged to report any students’ behavior that can be considered concerning, unsettling and uncharacteristic. It is important to note that a CARE Team referral is not intended for life threatening emergencies. In the event a student expresses intent to harm themselves or others, please call NSU Public Safety at (954) 262-8999 or local Police at 911 immediately. 

Any NSU student, faculty, staff, parent/ relative or community member can report any concern of non-imminent though troubling conduct they may have about a student to The NSU Student CARE Team. However, if the student is acting in a way that is threatening to themselves or others, contact Public Safety Office immediately at (954) 262-8999 or local Police at 911.
If possible, you should speak privately with the student to discuss your concerns. If the student is presenting threatening behavior to you, themselves or anyone else, contact the Public Safety Office immediately at (954) 262-8999 or local Police at 911.
Any concern you may have is valid to report to the NSU Student Care Team. Once the CARE Team reviews your report, they will decide if action is necessary. It is recommended that you err on the side of caution by reporting, even if you are unsure.

First, a member from the NSU Student CARE Team will contact you within 48 business hours to gather any additional information needed and/or to let you know the report was received. The next steps may vary, depending on the situation.  Sometimes the student is contacted, sometimes more information is needed, but most often an informal "check-in" by someone who knows the student can be conducted without formal action. If necessary, the information will then be brought to the entire NSU Student CARE Team to develop a plan which will be communicated back to the student of concern and any other appropriate persons involved. 

Although the action/outcome will depend upon the situation, the NSU Student CARE Team will intervene in support of the person of concern, while adhering to all applicable university policies and procedures. At this time, any necessary action or assistance will be implemented to best support the student.  In most cases and if appropriate under the circumstances, a phone call/email to the student of concern will occur as promptly as the circumstances may allow.
Within 48 business hours of a referral being submitted, a member of the NSU Student CARE Team will reach out to the referring party to let them know their concern was received and/or if more information is needed. Out of respect for all involved, information is only shared as needed.
All matters are handled as discreetly as possible. The reported student will be given specific information about the behaviors/actions that occurred so they can respond accordingly. Therefore, it is possible that a student may know who made the report through the circumstances described to them.

The Assistant Dean of Student Development is responsible for handling all referrals and the NSU Student CARE Team will also have access to the referral. Referrals to the NSU Student CARE Team are not disciplinary but may be subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which means the student can see the referral, as well as those NSU employees with a "legitimate educational interest" in the information. 

A referral to the NSU Student CARE Team is designed to intervene before there is a violation of policy or a concern for safety. However, if information in a referral constitutes a student conduct violation, that may be addressed under the Student Code of Conduct. Ideally this is a way to help the student before a formal disciplinary response is needed.

In Case of Emergency

If you feel threatened or know of someone who is in extreme distress, call 911 and contact
Public Safety at (954) 262-8999.
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