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School Class Size

Issues related to School Class Size include:

  • Lack of certified teachers to meet “Highly Qualified in Field” requirement of No Child Left Behind
  • Quality of teacher interaction with parents
  • Support for teachers in urban school areas
  • State of Florida Amendment #9 states that by 2010, class sizes must be a maximum of:
    • K-3 – 18 students
    • 4-8 – 22 students
    • High School Core (language arts, math, science, social studies) – 25 students
  • Initially Broward County was able to comply through averages across the district, and is in the process of moving to per class and teacher compliance
  • Were able to attract 2075 new teachers this year to Broward County, however ongoing issue of keeping teachers as 50% leave within 5 years
  • Ongoing issue of attracting and retaining certified, qualified teachers to meet class size mandates
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